Hair Wash Day Plus New Hair Style

            Hi doll! Can you believe it is the middle of January already? The weather was so beautiful outside, all I wanted to do was taking pictures. It's been a while since we had a 66-degree weather in the middle of winter. My wash day was very short on Saturday. I co-washed my hair because I was a little too generous when I applied oil to my scalp the night before. I also installed my crochet braids on Monday because it was Martin Luther King day and I did not have to pick up the kids from school. It took me a good 5 hours to get it done. I love the fullness of the hair, but I have a feeling I will only keep it on for a few weeks.


The Wash Day Experience{1} I co-washed with TREsemme Moisture Rich conditioner once and used a little bit of Alberto V05 Clarifying conditioner before rinsing my hair.

{2} Deep conditioned with my Pantene Natural for exactly 30 minutes.

{3} T-shirt dried my  for 10 minutes

{4} Moisturized with Giovanni Leave-in conditioner

{5} Sealed my hair with Castor oil

 Hair of The Week

Hair Wash Day Plus New Hair Style

Hair Wash Day Plus New Hair Style

Hair Wash Day Plus New Hair Style
              Have you noticed how my eyes are always red in my pictures?  It is because I am tired all the time, especially around 2 PM. I wake up automatically at 5:30 every morning. But because I went to bed at 7 PM yesterday, I woke up at 4:30 am this morning. I had such a good time taking those pictures of my hair during the day.   I will be trying apple cider vinegar for the first time on my next wash day. Don't forget to join me! How was your most recent wash day?



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