Conditioning My Hair Before Doing A Black Coffee Rinse


            Hi Love!! Due to the weather being so cold, I almost did not wash my hair this week. I just could not imagine the water going on my head. Then I remembered  if I don't do it I will suffer the consequences later. Product buildup is the enemy when it comes to low porosity hair. Using products on dirty hair is never a good idea. It just so happen that school was closed on Monday due to a winter storm. It meant that I did not have to step outside and say hello to the nasty cold. No children to pick up from school. Yey! So, the wash day happened on Monday. The kids were home again on Tuesday due to, you guessed it, bad weather. I waited for the sun to come up, and I took some selfies. Snap!


1. I applied Haitian black castor oil mixed with cayenne pepper to my scalp and let it penetrate the scalp for at least three hours. Leaving it on the hair for that long is not necessary. It doesn't take that long for my scalp to absorb oil.
The Wash Day Experience2. Used TREsemme moisture rich conditioner to detangle my hair.
3. Washed my scalp twice with my Matrix Biolage Hydratherapie.
4. Conditioned my hair with TREsemme again.
5. Coffee rinse  for about five minutes.
7. Rinsed the hair and applied my deep conditioner ( a mixture of honey, Pantene Truly Natural, olive oil, and Argan oil.
8. I rinsed out the deep conditioner and wrapped my head with a t-shirt for about five minutes.
9. I used Giovanni direct leave-in conditioner (very small amount) and extra virgin olive oil to moisturize and seal my ends.

Hair of the week



               This is my version of the messy high bun:-) My hair looks really short because it was in loose braids. My wash day was very refreshing. Using Jamaican black castor oil on my scalp has helped tremendously with the shedding. I remembered to do my coffee rinse while I was conditioning my hair, but I was determined to do it this week. So, I did it after rinsing out the conditioner. I noticed that my hair comes out softer than when I do it right after shampooing it. I will continue to use that method. It works better for me. How was your wash day, Darling?
Nerline Germain
Nerline Germain

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