Fitness Friday: How To Spice Up Your Canned Chili

           While eating canned foods often is not the healthiest choice, because of the amount of salt they contain,  we have plenty of them at the house. My husband calls them emergency foods, like when there is a storm and you cannot make it to the store kind of emergency. I call them I-am-too-lazy-to-cook foods. I love to transform canned foods like chilli and chicken soups and make them my own, making them taste like home cooked meals. You would think I made them from scratch. Haha!

            I have a quick and easy pictorial for you below that shows you how the magic happens in my kitchen.  I used Brookdale Original Chilli with beans. It also has  meatball chunks in it. I made it for dinner because it was late, I was hungry, and I had no patience to wait for any meat to be fully cooked. This chilli is really good with white rice, which I have been staying away from lately. But I am glad I had a little bit. I missed it.


Don't forget to add lime juice (1 tsp) and salt and pepper to taste (1 pinch or so). The chilli itself did not contain a lot of salt surprisingly. So I had to add some.

You can add your own stuff like cayenne pepper or paprika if you want to. Adding some thyme or parsley can totally change the flavor too. It's up to you!

From my kitchen to yours, Bon Appetit!

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Nerline Germain
Nerline Germain

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  1. Yayy! i will try this this weekend

  2. This looks really tasty, and with the fresh veg you put in not too bad for you!