I Am A GiveAway Winner: Earrings, Earrings, And More Earrings!

           Hi guys! This is a short post to thank Kristal for putting together such a wonderful giveaway. How generous of her! Kristal runs beautifullycurled.com, a blog about not only her hair, but her lovely daughter's also. She frequently leaves comments on this blog. If you can check out her blog after updating your status:-) I would really appreciate that.
           I love all the earrings, but my favorite is the one on the far left. I have never seen such big earrings in my life. At first I thought they were necklaces. Lol! I love everything that makes my face look small. These earrings are handmade with some beautiful beads. The colors and the arrangements make them look very unique. Check them out below!

Thank you +Beautifully Curled. I truly love those earrings.



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