Product Review| Vivant Skincare Mandelic Acid 3-in-1 Exfoliating Cleanser

Exfoliating cleanser, 3-in-1 exfoliating and cleansing lotion

Product Description 

Vivant Skin Care is from the scientist who made skin look healthier...James E. Fulton M.D. Ph.D., the researcher, cosmetic surgeon and dermatologist who developed vitamin A acid, later known as Retin A.

The Benefits of Vivant Skin Care Mandelic 3-in-1 Exfoliating Cleanser:
This powerful yet gentle antioxidant wash has Mandelic derived from almonds, green tea extract, grape seed, kiwi fruit and honey extracts.  Mandelic is ideal for adult acne because of it's anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. On blotchy skin it "lifts" skin discolorations and dark spots, while also having the benefical side effect of rejuvenating fine lines by helping to generate new collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.
A powerful yet gentler form of Alpha Hydroxy Acid, Mandelic is also ideal for treating sensitive Black, Hispanic and Asian skin that becomes irritated by benzoyl peroxide products. 

Combines exfoliating beads with Mandelic Acid to restore healthy skin. Great daily face and body cleanser for adult acne with oily skin. Helps prevent ingrown hairs.

After using any Vivant therapeutic product, follow with the appropriate Vivant SPF in the daytime and moisturizer in the nighttime.

Mandelic Acid, Green Tea Extract, Kiwi Fruit Extract, Honey Extract, Grape Seed Extract

Start usage every other day for two weeks by applying over the entire area (no spot treating). After two weeks, apply daily.

 Price:$33.00 / 8 oz. bottle

Where to buy: vivantskincare.com

Warning: It is very important that you use this product as directed on the bottle, as it can cause dryness and irritations.



How I use it:
            I wet my face with clean water, I use a makeup remover if I have makeup on. I squeeze a dime size of the product and rub it in circular motion on my face, I leave it on for a few minutes, then I rinse my face well with cool water. I use a soft towel to dry my face and proceed with my moisturizing cream, which  also contains alpha hydroxy, plus sunscreen.

My Opinion

  • Clean fresh scent
  • Fast shipping
  • Nicely packaged (booklet included)
  • Softens the skin
  • Removes dead skin
  • Fights blemishes
  • Removes discoloration
  • Reduces acne
  • Reduces black heads
  • Can be irritating if not used properly (not really a con)   


The bottom line

            If you have acne-prone skin, then you know how important it is to have a great exfoliating cleanser. When used properly, an exfoliating cleanser can remove excess oil, dirt, blemishes, and rejuvenate the skin. I have been complaining of having oily skin a lot on this blog. Now thanks to Vivant Skinxare Mandelic Acid 3-in-1 Exfoliating cleanser, I'm singing a different tune. My face reacted very well to the product. It is a miracle in a bottle! Winter is always rough on my skin. The before picture was taken a month ago. The after picture was taken 2 days ago. The latter looks like me on a beautiful summer day, minus the tired eyes. The discoloration is real in the before picture! I am glad I had a chance to try this product. It is gentle enough on the skin when used properly. It contains ingredients that softens and clarifies the skin. The product is easy to use. The packaging is excellent and shipping was very fast. I also received a booklet that contains information about the the exfoliating cleanser and other products that can be purchased along with it. A little bit goes a long way when using this cleanser. An 8 .oz bottle will last you months. Give this product a try. If you have oily skin like me, I am 100%  sure your skin will love it!

*Disclosure* This product was sent to me exchange for my honest review. However, the opinion expressed here is my own.
Nerline Germain
Nerline Germain

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