Valentine's Day:: The Little REDs In Life

            From celebrating Aj's birthday to celebrating my husband's birthday, and celebrating Valentine's day in between, I saw a lot of REDs these passed few days. Yes, we celebrated Valentine's day already. We do that every year. We pick one day during the month to do it.  It may sound silly but my husband thinks that this day should be about him celebrating his love for me, not about some guy named Valentine.

             In a world where there is so much evil,  how do we celebrate love? We do it by celebrating the small reds in life. We do it when we take care of our babies. We do it when we walk away from an argument for the sake of the relationship. We do it when we take a minute to check on a friend. We do it when we put other people's needs before ours.  See, we celebrate love every day!

            Now I leave you with my favorite love quote, "Love is not the butterflies that we feel in our stomachs. It is what is left after all the butterflies are gone." _Unknown



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