Fitness Friday: Strawberry Banana Smoothie With A Boost

              Happy Friday!  March is here. How are you doing with your fitness goal? Resolutions are always hard to keep, but getting back on track is what's important. I definitely consumed too much calories last month. With all the birthdays that I was celebrating, it was hard not to.  Now I am making up for it by eating more veggies and adding more fruits to my breakfast to reduce the amount of carbs that I eat in the morning. I am not one to drink my breakfast because I love having a full belly in the morning. But I am switching things up a little this month by having at least two smoothies during the week.

               I tried the banana and strawberry smoothie on Wednesday and I really liked it. I used Nestle Health Science Boost, which by itself, contains 360 calories. 15% of the calories are from protein. The Very Vanilla flavor is my favorite. This particular drink is suitable for lactose intolerant people; and it is also gluten free, if you care. But I really don't care.  I normally drink my Boost by itself  around dinner time because I am never too crazy about eating dinner. It is part of my diet because I suffer from a disease called degenerative bone, or osteoporosis. This drink provides my body with the calcium and Vitamin D needed to keep my bones healthy. 

Strawberry Banana Smoothie With A Boost

Fitness Friday
               I used 2 small bananas and a total of 10 strawberries, plus an 8 oz. Boost drink. It came out a little too thick after I pureed everything in the blender. I had to add some 2% milk to the smoothie. My body does not do too well with ice in the morning. But you can add some if that works for you.

I hope you try this. I really enjoyed it.
Bon Appetit!



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