The Benefits Of Using Peppermint Oil For Hair Growth


             Peppermint, also known as Mentha x piperita (Latin), is a cross between water mint and spearmint, which classifies it as an hybrid plant. It is a fast growing plant that spreads very quickly. Because of the fact that it is an hybrid, Peppermint plants do not produce seeds. Peppermint plants love moist, well-shaded locations. The Peppermint oil itself is derived from the leaves and the flowering tops. They are collected as soon as the flowers begin to open and can be dried.  A high menthol content is found in Peppermint oil.  Studies suggests that Menthol relieves throat irritations, indigestion, itching, aches, and pain. Menthol is also recognized by the FDA as an anti-itching and anti-dandruff agent.

Benefits and uses of Peppermint oil on the hair

  1. Helps remove dandruff and head lice: Mix a few drops of peppermint oil with your favorite carrier oil and massage it on your scalp. The peppermint oil helps control oil production to your scalp, allowing your scalp to get the right amount of the oil produced by your body. The  antibacterial and anti-fungal properties of menthol also gets rid of head lice. { Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, pp 873-878,2007}
  2. Cools the scalp and stops itchiness: Adding a few drops of peppermint oil to your favorite shampoo or deep conditioner, can help in reducing itchiness. The cooling effect soothes and leaves the scalp feeling fresh. {Fed Regist, 72(43):9849-52, 2007}
  3. Promotes hair growth as a scalp moisturizer: When mixed with a carrier oil like castor oil, Peppermint oil can be a great moisturizer when massaging your scalp. This process also promotes hair growth. Peppermint oil easily penetrates the scalp and stimulate the hair follicles. It also improves blood circulation, which in turn increase oxygen supply. 
  4. Stops Hair loss: The amount of oxygen carried to the hair as a result of the blood flow,  distributes nutrients to the hair. It also strengthens and provides nutrients to the roots so your hair can stay healthy. 
          In conclusion, 100% pure peppermint oil should be used carefully, especially when using it on children. Possible side effects include allergic reactions and heartburn.  Peppermint oil should always be diluted with a carrier oil, deep conditioner, or shampoo before direct application to the scalp. Aside from its many benefits on your health both topically and orally, peppermint oil also has great benefits on your hair.  Keep your oil in a dark bottle and away from direct sunlight to preserve its longevity. 

What have you used peppermint oil for?
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