Washing My Hair with Arvazallia Advanced Hair Repair Products


              Being on a hair journey means that you have to try different products until you find a few that really work for your hair type.  My 4c type hair always craves moisture and rebels against protein sometimes. Today, I am trying a new hair repair system by Arvazillia. The name may sound new to you, but they've been around for a while now. This repair line is designed to make the hair stronger and healthier. I used the sulfate free shampoo, the conditioner and the hair mask during my wash day last week. But this week I only used the shampoo and the mask. And the result was the same. I will have a full review for you by the end of this month. I did not do my coffee rinse this time because I think it interfered with the way these products worked on my hair.  Here is how my wash day went! 


The Wash Day Experience
  1. I used Jamaican black castor oil to pre-poo my hair. I left it on for a few hours before washing it out.
  2. Shampooed with Arvazallia Advanced Hair Repair Moisturizing Sulfate Free Shampoo (twice)
  3. I applied Arvazallia Hydrating Argan Oil Hair Mask and Deep Conditioner to my hair and used heat for about 10 minutes. It says 7 minutes, but you know how my low porosity hair can get. 
  4. I moisturized my hair with my Scurl Activator Moisturizer and sealed with Haitian Black Castor Oil and EVOO. 

Hair of the week



First impression Review: It was my second time using both the shampoo and the mask. I have only used the conditioner once. And the conditioner is so thick, you can actually use it as a deep conditioner. The shampoo is a little thick, too. So far so good. I am very happy with the way my hair turned out. My hair felt very strong right away. And it stayed moisturized for a long time. I cannot wait to review all the products for you! How was your wash day?

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