ANKIT: When Your Cellphone Cover Means More Than Just A Hard Case

                   Please tell me I am not the only one who is obsessed dressing up my cellphone! I want to protect it in every fashionable way. I've always had a thing for changing and moving things around. This blog's template is a perfect example of my personality. I love pretty things and different colors and patterns. I wear purple a lot because I think I shine in it. Choosing a cellphone case is like picking out an outfit for a photo shoot. It is not just a case, it is a fashion statement. You guys know how much I love taking pictures. I mean, don't we all? If you have an Instagram account, you know exactly what I am talking about! I love when I am taking pictures at a school event and my cellphone is one of the prettiest ones.  I have been just a little bit obsessed with those Ankit cellphone cases lately. They help me express who I am and what I am all about. I am so happy I said YES when the company contacted me.

          The tribal prints on this case makes it so attractive. I have always wanted to own something with these prints, but was never sure how it would look on me. Now I can have my cellphone wear it. The case lets you easily find all the buttons on the phone. The material itself is very shiny and durable. This particular case is for those of us who prefer beauty over protection, as the case does not protect the screen if you drop your phone.
They say our homes say a lot about us. I believe that the same is true for our cellphones. The kind of pictures we save, the apps that we use, and even the cases we choose for our cellphones, can tell a lot about us.
           Oh, did I tell you what Ankit is?  Please excuse my rudeness! Ankit is an online store that designs exceptional fashion accessories for both you and your home. They have collaborated with companies like Nordstrom, Guess, Forever 21, to name a few. While browsing their site, I couldn't help but notice how easy it was to navigate through the pages. From  decorating your home to finding the right case for your cellphone, Ankit has hundreds of eye catching products that will make your visit to their site worth your time.
What do you think about my super chic Iphone 4S case?

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  1. Very, very cute! I love the print and on the case and I am going to check them out. Great job Nerline for doing this review.

  2. The case is so pretty. Have a blessing weekend

  3. Oh no no, you arent the only one, dont worry!:P This tribal printed case is way too cool and trendy Nerline, I really like it! Happy Easter my dear, have a lovely and joyful time! xo

  4. Love your new case Nerline! I was just browsing their site and love their ice cream sandwich one! HAHAHA You know I love changing out my cell phone covers. Currently a chocolate Easter bunny is on mine. Have a great holiday weekend doll!

  5. It's a beautiful case. Love it.

  6. Great picks! I love the tangerine color, I feel it goes great with my skin tone and makes me look even more tan :)

  7. I love that case, so gorgeous.

  8. I love it. Will check them out

  9. The case is very cool Nerline, tribal prints have great geometric shapes I love! You picked a good one. Will definitely check out the site.



  10. I will check it out, Tania! Thank you for stopping by!

  11. Thank you so much, Beauty! It means a lot to me.

  12. That's a nice case. I'm about to get a iphone 6 soon and I might consider this case.
    Love the boho design.
    Happy Easter!

    xx Lori

  13. You are not. Cellphone covers are the new it thing these days. I really like this case. Beautiful prints!

    Happy Easter Nerline darling

  14. Nope, you are in good company! I love a cute case, checking out the site! Thanks for sharing!

  15. That's a very happy and nice cover. I'm not too keen on gadgets and whatnots, but won't hurt to have something like this either. Lovely post!

  16. Your are not the only one, Nerline, it's me, I am probably the only one who doesn't use those cases, lol. I like them, but somehow I never get around to use them, tho.
    kisses babe

  17. I will get the 5S in September. I am moving up the ladder.


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