Mother - Daughter Collaboration: Meet Cianna Marie

            Happy new week darlings!I hope your week is going great so far. Oh, before I forget! I just reached over 1,000 followers on pinterest. I have been throwing confetti and doing the Carlton dance! Do stop by and follow any board you like. If you cannot find a board you like, just like one of the pictures:-)  I always follow back. Cheers!

          I had the pleasure of getting my pictures taken with my daughter a few Sundays ago. I wanted to share the pics with you earlier, but I did not have time to edit them. The truth is we took so many pictures I could not decide which ones to post on the blog. You've probably met Cianna here when I decided to turn the camera on her last summer. She grew a few inches, but she has not gained one pound:-) She is such a loving girl. I just couldn't say no to her when she asked to be on the blog.

           I got this dress from my sister. I had to alter it because it was too big for me. I wish I could say the same about the vest. I did my best to try to squeeze into this size small. Well, you wouldn't know if I didn't tell you. Lol! A pair of white  sandals completed the look. po camouflage! What camouflage?

         Cianna is my wonder woman. I call her a daredevil. The best stunt woman I know. She pulls. She jumps. She swings.  She is afraid of nothing.  I don't know if I should compare her arms to Tina Turner's or Michelle Obama's. Lol!  She loves dresses and MK shoes. My sister got her a pair of MK flats for Christmas. She wanted to wear them for her shoot. She is always happy. And she is definitely the funniest person in the house.  Check out her pictures!

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  1. Both of you wear beautiful dresses!

  2. Mother and Daughter look very pretty in those dresses.

  3. Soo cute and your blog is beautiful!!!

  4. Love your dress! Your daughter went into model mode and rocked it.

  5. Aww thi sis too cute.. she smiles like her mama

  6. This is so lovely; your daughter is adorable..


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