Picking Out The Right Dress For Prom Night


               Do you remember your prom night? Okay, don't answer that! I did not realize the question was going in that direction. Well, I cannot remember mine because I never had one. My mother did not have one either, but that does not mean my daughter shouldn't have one. And she will! Today's post is about picking out the right dress for prom night. Whether you are shopping for cheap prom dresses or just a simple dress for the night, choosing the right dress for that special occasion is very important. A lot goes into finding the right dress for any event for that matter. Hell, why do you think Hollywood has costume designers, and they even win Oscars for their work?

Picking Out The Right Dress For Prom Night
  •  The number one thing to do when shopping for an affordable prom dress is to ask people who know you for advice. My husband thinks that going shopping with my mom is the best thing that happened since the creation of makeup. He thinks that she picks the right dresses for me. Moms, it is your decision, too!  And you have something to say about the price, too!  

Do you want to dress like Cinderella?

  • What style will flatter your body shape best.  Not all dresses are created equal.  Don't pick  a dress that has a V that cuts too low in the back if you are blessed with some great assets. Curvy curls need to show the right amount of skin in all the right places.  

 Or do you want to dress like Miss Universe?

  • Strapless prom dresses are always in style. Picking one that keeps everything in one place is a must. You don't want to have any wardrobe malfunction on one of the most important nights in your life. It takes two to tango. Using your hands to pull the dress up all night just might ruin that wonderful experience. 

Does the party have a color theme?


  • In most occasions,  your date has to wear something that matches your dress when the party has a theme; may it be a vest or a bow tie.  Can the color theme be lilac, please? If the party does not have a color theme, pick something that brings out  the color of your  eyes. If brown is too dark for your skin complexion, go for a shade of purple.
  • Think about the corsage. Let your partner know in advance what color dress you are wearing so he can get a corsage that complements the color of the dress.

           At the end of the day you are still going to be yourself, but there is nothing wrong with a little inspiration.  Avoid overdoing it at all costs. I know you want to shine on that special night, but overdoing it can kill that night before it even begins.

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  1. The cinderella dress is gorgeous! When your daughter is ready i'm sure you will help her with her gown.

  2. What a beautiful selection of dresses! Wish I had that many choices when I went! HaHaHa Love the colors also.

  3. Wow that green is not really my colour but it looks fabulous! Nice choices hun!

  4. Great tip doll for a girl heading to the prom very helpful. The dresses are amazing.

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    Great post though, i love it, thanks for sharing..

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  6. Lovely dresses; the colors are very eye catching.


  7. I agree dressing according to body shape is very important to enhance the beauty.


  8. I wish I could still go to prom :)) Amazing dresses :) xx

  9. Hai have a good day....
    i got knowledge about this topic through your informative post..i would like to thanks for sharing your post......i am eagerly waiting for your upcoming post...


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