6 Powerful All Natural Hair Remedies In Your Kitchen

               I always get so exited when I hear about  products or  foods that promote healthy, beautiful hair while making it grow thicker. The foods listed below can also make your hair grow back if you have vitamin deficiency like I do. This is not a blog post about how to make your hair grow longer faster. These foods may not make your hair grow as fast as you want, but having longer hair always starts from the inside out.   If you've been wondering if I take hair growth supplements, I can tell you right now, I do! I take iron because I have an iron deficiency. And I also take Vitamin B12 ( the real thing) because it makes my hair feel stronger. I do not take biotin because I think I get enough from the rice that I eat every other day. I have used avocado oil on my hair before. I even mixed fresh avocados with honey and extra virgin olive oil and used it as a deep conditioner. Today's post will focus on what's in those foods in your pantry that makes them so good for your hair. And the good thing is, you only need a few servings a week.

Dark Chocolate

Natural remedy: Cocoa flavonols
Why it's good for you: Chocolate improves blood flow and circulation to the scalp. It delivers nutrients to the hair and prevents it from getting dry and brittle.


Natural Remedy: Iron
Why it's good for you:  Gives your hair fullness and body. It's best absorbed by the body when taken with vitamin C. Iron deficiency is the second cause of hair loss, according to Dr. Mickey Barber, of the age management institute Cenegics Carolinas. If you keep seeing patches on your scalp, it is time to go green.

Blackberries and Raspberries

Natural Remedy: Ellagic acid                                             
Why it's good for you: Protects the hair against UV rays. Using a product that has at least an SPF 30 is beneficial for your hair if you cannot get it from the food you eat. Some companies call it an "all-over sunscreen" It is good for your hair too.

Fresh Avocados

Natural remedy: Oleic acid, copper
Why it is good for you: Copper is a collagen booster, and collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. Fresh avocados add a small amount of protein to the hair while helping it retain moisture. 

Wild Salmon

Natural remedy: Omega-3 fatty acids
Why it's good for you: This nourishing ingredient maintains the scalp's natural oil, helping your hair to stay moisturized.

Greek Yogurt
Natural Remedy: Calcium
Why it's good for you: Stronger and shinier hair. The low-fat versions of Greek Yogurts has vitamin B5 and vitamin D which are linked to hair and follicle health, according to WebMD.

       There are so many foods in your kitchen that are beneficial for your hair and can make it grow longer and stronger. I did not cover eggs, which is rich in vitamin D and protein. Please tell me in the comment box below if I missed something.  It is probably in your kitchen right now!
Nerline Germain
Nerline Germain

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  1. Thats what I love about blogging. I always learn something new. Did NOT know that about blackberries and raspberries. Gotta get some of them Nerline!

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    kisses babe

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