Hair of The Week: Put a Scarf On It!

         Hello darlings!! After removing the twists this week, my hair felt really dry and crunchy. Spraying  a mixture of water and oils did not help much. I used a lot of synthetic hair, which prevented the mix to get to my hair. It's a good thing I did not make the twists too small. Removing them was easy and I could not wait to wash my hair.


{1} I detangled my hair with Alberto V05 tea therapy again.

The Wash Day Experience{2} I had to use the Head & Shoulders 2-in-1 moisture care shampoo because I have to review it soon, but I am not a big fan of shampoos. 

{3} I did a quick oil rinse because my hair felt so dry after I used the shampoo.

{4} I used my Arvazallia conditioner after the oil rinse

{5} Dried with a T-shirt for about 15 minutes.

{6} I applied my DIY leave-in conditioner, followed by Jamaican black castor oil and let my hair air dry. 

Hair of the week

            Summertime is when everybody is out is about. You need a hairstyle that can get you out of the house quick when you have to run errands. A straw hat can always help if you are in a hurry, but having the hair in a high bun offers many benefits. This hairstyle can protect your edges. You can even go to bed with it because your ends are also protected.  Oh, I am wearing extensions in the middle if you are wondering. I love it!
How was your wash day?



  1. You rock that band on your head doll.

  2. You have beautiful hair

  3. So cute, I love the added scarf, I do this with my hair when it's too windy outside, otherwise I would look a hot mess, haha :)) xx

  4. Beautiful haorstyle and the touch of scarf is super stylish!!!
    xo Paola
    My Facebook

  5. I can't get over how healthy your hair is , i am almost 5 months stretched ,but you are one of those who inspire me to try going natural. You routine is really nice i also do an oil rinse sometimes to help with dryness.

  6. Beautiful hairstyle!!!
    Have a good week, dear Nerline!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  7. Wow Nerline that bun is everything. Simple yet gorgeous. My wash day was decent this past week.

  8. I love what you did here, Nerline, it looks so gorgeous on you. Cute. Your hair looks shiny and healthy. I will deliver my report the minute I am done with my wash day ;) but believe me it will be as boring as always....................
    kisses babe

  9. I know that feeling of relief and exciting when you take out extensions. I always can't wait to get in the core of my scalp and scrub it to death and get the treatments in fast, hahaha. Your hair just keeps looking better and better.

  10. Gorgeous scarf, looks pretty!

    I have a new post on the blog, would love to know your thoughts:

    * Electric Sunrise - Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *


  11. I live for a chic high bun! They're perfect for alllll occasions! How did you use extensions in the middle to make your bun look fuller? It looks completely natural!

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience chica!

  12. I love how fluffy your hair looks. Nice job Nerline.

  13. I love how you styled your hair with the scarf! So original and your hair looks very healthy!

  14. Just cool Nerline, high buns are ideal for summertime and I do love to make it too. Looking great and so fresh! xo

  15. Hope you've tried the head & shoulders co-wash from their new collection, it surprised me how good it was! Girl scarves are life savers!!!

  16. The bun looks great on you, love it with the head band. I would never know you had extensions in your hair, they look good! Cheers to Friday, I can't wait for the weekend. :))



  17. Cheers to Friday babe! The extensions makes my hair look fuller.

  18. I have the co-wash and the scalp spray, Ebony. I want to try it by itself to see how it will do on my hair. So far I don't think the shampoo is moisturizing enough.

  19. I would have never thought that your hair requires moisture. I thought that your natural oil would be enough. This is so good to know.

  20. Let me tell you Lenya! I type your name so much in this comment box that it became one of the keywords picked by Google webmaster tools for this blog. Now you know how happy you make me:-)

  21. Thanks for stopping by Jay. This is one of my favorite scarves.

  22. Nice combi with the scarf. You should put more accessories in your hair since your hair is growing soo big. Love it!

    xx Lori

  23. The scarf looks awesome with your top knot!


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