Top 3 Hair Benefits of Kale

              When I told my blogger friend, Tania, that I would join her green juice challenge a month ago, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. But it is a good thing that I did because the health of my hair dramatically improved. Kale is not the best tasting vegetable in the world. My first experience was not a good one at all. I had to add one more banana to my first juice to enhance the taste a little. While  kale juice is not the easiest drink to swallow, this green vegetable is packed with a lot of hair benefits. Kale contains vitamins A and C, which help in the production of  sebum, a scalp oil that works as a natural hair conditioner. Other dark veggies that contain vitamins A and C include Spinach, Broccoli, and Swiss chard. These vitamins are great for hair growth and retention says Neil Sadick, a clinical professor in the department of dermatology at the Weill Cornell Medical College. Kale is such a super food, even a book was written about it. Have you heard of 50 Shades of Kale?

  Top 3  Hair Benefits of Kale

  1. Improves elasticity by moisturizing your hair.
  2. Prevents shedding by strengthening your hair roots
  3. Promotes new growth by improving blood circulation to the scalp

  Omega Fatty Acids:

               Just like wild salmon, Kale is also known to be packed with Omega-3. It is also rich in  Omega-6 fatty acids, which keep the hair moisturized. Moisture is what stops the hair from breaking. Including Kale in your diet can help you retain the length of your hair.

My favorite Kale Smoothie Recipe

  1. Add one Kale leaf in the blender
  2. Cut two bananas into piece
  3. Add the bananas to the blender with the desired amount of water. 
  4. Blend until pureed 
  5. Drink in the morning for best results. 
                   I noticed less shedding since I have been drinking my kale juice. My hair feels softer, too.  Sometimes I add some spinach to the mix. I recently bought a huge bag of spinach at my local farmers market for only $3.99. I chopped it up and froze it. You can do the same thing with your kale if you don't want it to get spoiled in the fridge. Try my recipe and let me know what you think. You can also join Tania's green juice challenge. You just have to commit to drinking one glass of green juice a day.

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  1. One glass of green juice a day is definitely a great idea. I have not had kale before but these health benefits you just highlighted is giving me ideas. I am not a big smoothie drinker though so, I will have to check out other recipes that can be a little bit more palatable. I will keep an eye out on your blog to find out whenever you put up any other kale recipe Nerline.

  2. Love it my type of detox drink have a lovely weekend.

  3. Oooo I have never ever thought of using Kale but I definitely will try to investigate/research on some Kale haircare products, thanks!

  4. I sure needed this post Nerline! Last year I was on a juicing kick and Kale was my choice of greens. Although I saw and appreciated the benefits I just got to be a "lazy rass" and I need to get back on track. Thanks sweetie. Also, thanks for introducing me the Jackie's blog.

  5. Oh I love to put Kale in my smoothies, you can´t even really taste the Kale out of it, when you mix it with fruits and it´s so healthy. I am gonna start my detoxing soon again to get ready for summer :-)


  6. Looks yummy, Nerline. Happy Friday, babe.

  7. I didnt know about this challenge but you did right to join it, the recipe you did seems good and healthy indeed! Happy weekend Nerline! xo

  8. Green juices always looks so intmidating but only rcently i tried oe and was pleasantly surprisd with the taste. Kale has some awsom benefits

  9. This was great information I never knew how good kale was for the hair.

  10. Kale has taken over the world and it is pretty interesting :). I remember trying the green drink many years ago and eeek, i just couldn't, but you know what? You have got me thinking about trying it again. Thank you for sharing Nerline :).

  11. I use to juice Kale with other fruits and vegetables. I need to restart.

  12. Less hair fall awesome, here it is hard to get kale.


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