Packing for Summer Vacation:: One Dress, Two Outfits

            Hey guys!! Remember last week's hair? Well, I turned the fishtail braid into a bun to create  my best  summer vacation looks with that unique dress from eShakti. A dress I wish I had back in 2005. Ten years ago, I spent my time to pack both mine and my husband's suitcases for our vacation to Jamaica. Only when we got there,  we did not have  any clothes to wear. The airline lost our luggage!!!! Always put the things that you need the most in a carry-on bag when going on vacation. That's what saved me when I got to my destination. My husband had to buy new clothes, but I could do with the clothes that I had. The only problem was that we could not eat at those fancy restaurants that required that we had to dress up. This is one of the dresses that I bought from for my birthday. I love this dress because you can wear it for a walk on the beach or you can put some heels on and go for a nice dinner. I think it is the perfect summer dress. What do you think?

Thanks for all your comments on my last post. You guys rock!



  1. I love the dress and color on you! I recently wore a eshakti dress out and it was well made. Hopefully the airline wont ever lose your things again :(.

    The Style Boro

  2. Love the hair and the outfit looking stunning.


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