How To Wash Que by Milky Way Human Hair MasterMix

              I think I left you with a cliffhanger last week. Oh yeah! We wanted to know if the hair tangles. Well,  I did have some knots. It was nothing major, but I could see the curls creating their own little bows by hugging each other and themselves. So, I washed the hair only after two weeks of installing it. I prepared myself for the worse because I thought there was going to be a lot of shedding, curl loss, or having to tighten the extensions. Although I had some minor shedding, I did not have to tighten the hair, and I did not lose much curls. The hair still looks pretty good. It is very important that you take care of your own hair while it is braided under a wig or extensions. Not doing so can result in your hair being too oily or sticky, depending on how often you oil your scalp while wearing the protective style.  A dry shampoo can be used to take care of your scalp, but never forget that water is your best friend when it comes to keeping your hair moisturized. Washing the hair at least twice a month is very important to keep the scalp healthy, too.


The Wash Day ExperiencePre-poo:: I applied Tresemme Moisture rich conditioner directly to the extensions and combed the hair from ends to roots. I used rubber bands to keep each section in place after detangling the hair.
Shampoo:: I diluted my shampoo and applied it directly to my scalp. I rubbed my scalp gently to remove the product buildups.
Conditioning  My conditioning really happened when I removed the rubber bands and rinsed out the conditioner from the extensions.
Drying   I squeezed the excess water out from the curls with the help of a towel.
Leave-ins I carefully oiled my scalp without drenching the extensions with oil. This hair does not need any gel, leave-in conditioner, or oil. It comes with it's own shine.

Hair of the week

           The difference between the before and after picture is that the curls are tighter in the before picture, and therefore looks less messy.  You can even see some flyaway(s) in this week's picture. After combing the hair before washing it, I could tell that the curls did not feel the same way they did last week.  After washing the hair, I pinned the back into a bob. I also trimmed the straight ends. I could go another two weeks with the extensions on because I still have some curls left, but I think that's it for me. I miss creating different hairstyles with my hair. Let's see what next week brings!! What do you think of this week's hair? 
Nerline Germain
Nerline Germain

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  1. I still love this hairstyle on you. Keep it as long as you can 'cause you really rock this style. . . .

  2. I love you extensions, it is not bad you didn't have much shedding.

  3. I really do like how the curls got a little loose, giving the hair a more carefree look. I love when thing look effortless! Still looking fabulous though. :))

    Much Love,

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    kisses, babe

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    Kenya | With My Coils

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