Wash Day Featuring Shealicious Hair Conditioning Cocktails

             As a self-proclaimed member of the DIY Mixtresses Club, it's always exciting when I get to mix things in the name of healthy, beautiful hair.  When Ashley Phillips from ORS contacted me about trying their new hair conditioning cocktails, my answer was an immediate YES. Who doesn't like to stir a great cocktail? Mixing popular hair products with carrier or essential oils is very popular in the hair community. Adding such oils to our hair products definitely enhance their effectiveness. I love to mix my deep conditioner with Extra Virgin,  Argan,  and Tea Tree oils for extra moisture both for the scalp and the hair. ORS makes it easy for me to have that mixture without having to measure anything. Their yogurt-like packaging is not only revolutionary, it is a time saver. Now the question is: Does the product work? Only time will tell!


Products used:

{1} After using water to detangle my hair with the help of a wide tooth  comb, I diluted a generous amount of Shealicious Sulface-Free Hydrating Shampoo and washed my scalp.

{2} Deep conditioned with Shealicious Moisture Lock Shea Butter Conditioning Hair Treatment for 10 minutes with heat after rinsing the shampoo out.

{3} After my hair was about 70 % dry, I sprayed a Shealicious Leave-In conditioner on the hair from roots to ends. I let it sit for a few seconds before adding my oil mix. 

Hair of the week

             My hair felt so soft after using all 3 products. Each product smelled exceptionally good. I love the consistency of each product and how well packaged they are. I rarely get surprised by sulfate-free shampoos, but this one really surprised me. Instead of feeling coated,  my hair felt really soft.  I was even able to detangle my hair with my fingers after shampooing it. The Conditioning Treatment made my hair feel more like I just had a protein treatment.  But my hair feels that way every time I use a product that contains ingredients that mimic protein. After spraying the moisture mist to my hair, the hair felt very soft and manageable. Using all 3 products together definitely made a big difference. I will try not to use the Moisture Mist too often because it contains Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein and Collagen. These two products are no-no(s) for my hair because it is protein sensitive. Right now I am a big fan of the shampoo. I can use the conditioning treatment once a month,  when my hair needs a protein boost.

Have you heard of these products before?

The Wash Day Experience



  1. I haven't seen these before but they aound amazing. My hair loves protein too. Nice top Knot!

  2. Love the messy bun. Never heard of this product., will look next time shopping.

  3. Now I want my hair to hurry up and grow so I can do a bun like that. Love it Nerline. Looks so soft and healthy. xo

  4. Never used these products before, never even seen them. But, I think your hair looks marvellous and shiny too and you can tell it's soft from the pictures too which I like. Super super doll :)) xx

  5. Nope, but you made me so curious about them now, I think they would work well even on mine. And ur bun is so cute Nerline, suits u! Kisses! xo

  6. Looks like awesome product with amazing fragrance.

  7. Awww the packaging looks so cute, just like you Nerline. Love the messy bun. Happy hump day, babe.

  8. That bun is too dang cute! I love it! Never heard of these products so definitely checking them out!

  9. I never heard of those products, but glad they worked for you! Loving the not so messy bun, nice a full!

  10. Your hair is still as healthy as ever Nerline and that is a perfect bun. I never heard of these products before and it was great reading this review on them.
    Enjoy the rest of the week.

  11. I haven't heard of the Shealicious brand before but I'm totally curious! I swear that the deep conditioner is packaged like yogurt!

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience chica!

    KLP @ www.savingourstrands.com

  12. A really fun post. Let me start by saying, i really like the name of the product and the fruity little mix. You have really good hair to start with and it sure can handle just about any good product very well. We all like soft and that is a plus. Thanks for sharing Nerline. Hair bun on point! :)


  13. I haven't heard of these products before. How adorable is the packaging, that is seriously the best. I love the bun, it looks beautiful- having my hair style this week.

  14. The products looks so good, the colour of the packing and the conditioner looks like it could be a yogurt! This is the second time am hearing about this brand, but I can never find them in my local bss.

    Also loving the top knot full of life bun you have on! :D

  15. Their packaging alone is too cute! Looks like yogurt :D

  16. Love your hair bun. Love the packaging, never heard of it before. Thanks for the review.

  17. Hydrolyzed wheat protein can be a no-no for my hair. I signed up to receive free samples of this product before it released and never received them. Imagine that. I love your bun!!!

  18. Never heard of this product before the little tubs...I thought that was yoghurt lol! Loving the bun!

  19. I haven't heard of these products before and after you verdict, I wouldn't mind giving em a try. I actually thought one of it was a yoghurt - The container tricked me. LOL!! Great packaging I guess.
    Thanks for sharing and your bun is nice.


  20. oh your hair bun looks adorable!
    kisses from Portugal

  21. I just picked up the deep conditoners at Ulta - the containers are so cute! They remind me of yogurt :). I'm excited now that they got a good review - and excited to use them as well!

    The Style Boro


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