2015 Fall Favorites Tag

                Hello Everyone! I hope you are enjoying your week so far. I am counting the days until Thanksgiving,  since November is already here. I am doing a fall tag this year. My dear blogger friend, Jay from relaxedthairapy.com, invited me to join her 2015 FALL FAVORITES TAG.  I am glad she did because I do have a few favorite products to share with you. I mean, who doesn't have their favorites?  I think we all do! The items on my list are mostly  fashion and beauty products. I will tell you more  about each product below and why I love them. I did not include any hair products because it is hard to just pick one. If you need the link to any of the products listed below, let me know and I will try to find it for you.

MAC Heroine Matte Lipstick

Long lasting: The color of this lipstick attracted me to it, but  it is the staying power that will make me buy it again. It is rare to find a Matte lipstick that does not enhance flaws. This one really surprised me. I love it.

MAC Isabel and Ruben Toledo Tinted Lipglass

 Super shiny: A brilliant, but not too sticky lip color. It lasts longer than most lip glosses. It contains Jojoba oil to keep the lips moisturized.  Nice color for the fall season.

MAC Studio Fix Powder plus Foundation

Full Coverage:  This powder + foundation from MAC is a favorite of mine. I don't think I will ever buy a different brand. The coverage is unbelievable.

Loft Statement Necklace

 Multi-colored: I will never get tired of wearing this necklace. What I love the most about it is the fact that I can wear it with different pieces.

Style & Co. Wide Calf Woman boots 

Comfort: These are my Christmas gift from last year. My sister knows that I love boots and got these for me. They are so comfortable. And the height is just right for running errands.

Yoins Woman Geometric prints Cardigan  

Chic + Cozy: This cardigan made its way into my closet a few weeks ago. And now it is one of my favorite fall pieces. What a stylish way to stay warm!

Foxbrim Perfectly Natural Soap

Gentle on the skin: This product leaves my hands so soft after each wash. It is all natural and lightly scented. The perfect product for the cold months ahead.

 Mandelic Acid 3-in-1 Exfoliating Cleanser

Oil-free: The best exfoliating cleanser I have used so far. It removes blemishes and cleanses deep down the pores. Best product for individuals with acne prone skin. I will never let it go! 

 Do you have any fall favorites? Write a short post and let us know all about them! Who know? You just might help somebody find a GREAT product! 

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  1. Great products for fall. I love that cardigan, it's beautiful. I have a pair of boots that are very similar to yours, and I love them. Have a great week.

  2. Boy do I love Mac Heroine! Such a lovely rich color. I have too many favorites to name, haha. Cute cardigan and boots.

  3. Looks like you are a Mac girl. I have been eyeing heroine for a while now an di love those boots.

  4. I love Mac products too Nerline. Love the cardigan and necklace. xo

  5. I still love that cardi on you and need to try that face cleanser. Thanks Sista!

  6. Adoring that purple lipstick! I also really like your cardi :)


  7. I love that MAC offers so many shades in makeup! That cardigan looks awesome on you Nerline!

  8. Awww swooning here over that max heroine, what a color, what a beautiful, gorgeous color...........Great fall stuff Nerline. Do I have fall favorites? Nah, don't think so, today I am wearing light pastel blue on my nails, not very fall appropriate, lol.
    MUAH, babe

  9. You have some really nice stuff. You can't go wrong with MAC and the necklace is beautiful!


  10. Those boots! I'm still loving Herione too. Nice tag.


  11. I might just take you up on the Fall favorites! I love MAC lipsticks so much, my friends gave me so many for my Birthday last year. MAC is my favorite lipstick now! Your cardigan is my fave.


  12. These are all great favorite products! Love the lipstick & cardigan!

  13. Love all of these, great choices. Especially the boots and the necklace!

  14. Great fall favourites, especially the lipstick, boots and statement necklace. Love em!!


  15. Love your Fall Favorites. MAC Heroine is an amazing color. It's by far one of my favorites. The cardigan looks warm and cozy. It's not quite cool here yet but I'm setting my eye on some things for when the weather cools off.

    Jay of www.relaxedthairapy.com

  16. I love the MAC studio fix powder/foundation its been my jam since college.

  17. You have so many great favorites, Nerline! Heroine is one of my favorite lipsticks. I love those boots and the cardigan is beautiful!

    I've tried MAC Studio Fix Fluid and Face & Body (I love it) but I have never tried the Powder Plus Foundation. Do you think it works well for oily skin?

    1. It works great on my oily skin, Dre!! Some blogger friends complain about it being very bad on dry skin.

  18. Great faves! Do you use the exfoliating cleanser everyday?

    1. I only exfoliate one to 3 times a week. This product can be harsh on the skin when used too often.

  19. I love the color of the MAC lipstick. It looks like the perfect color for fall. Your boots are also really cute.

  20. This is such a lovely collection, everything looks amazing. I especially love the lip colour, it's definitely a shade I would try.

  21. This is a lovely post and very cool items. Those Mac Isabel and Reuben Toledo products look very beautiful in their packaging.

  22. I need to grab something from the MAC toledo collection. Did you hear that they're releasing a collection inspired by Selena?!

    The Style Boro


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