Hairstyle + Wash Day| Twisted Up-do

            We are finally out of the cold zone. It seriously felt like winter this past weekend. They called it a cold front. I call it an indication of  what winter will be like.  I totally see snow in Georgia's future.  How are you today? I hope the week is going great for you so far. I love days when I don't have to do much to my hair. There are days when my hair needs a protein treatment, followed by a deep moisturizing treatment, a coffee rinse, leave-ins............heavy breathing. I am glad this was not the case  for this wash day.  My wash day was very quick and easy.
              I have become quite fond of creating different hairstyles on myself. If you have a Pinterest board with lots of hairstyle pictorials, I am sure you feel me on this one. The best part about creating these styles is sharing them with you. A great hairstyle is like success. What's the point of having it if you don't have someone to share it with?  I am so happy that you are my someone!

    The Wash Day Experience
  • I did a quick co-wash with Tresemme Moisture Rich Conditioner because my scalp was not dirty and my hair did not feel sticky.  It just felt a little dry.
  • Deep conditioned overnight with Aussie. I must say that the moisture level was higher, but all I needed was about 5 minutes. 
  • Rinsed the hair in the morning. I added a generous amount of Extra Virgin Olive Oil to the hair before applying my leave-in conditioner. Next time I will just mix them up and use head to help the mix penetrate the hair shaft faster. Cantu Shea Butter creams have a tendency to sit on top of my strands. 
  • I twisted the hair and styled it the next day. 

Hair of the week 

               Although I have a head full of hair as a result of taking biotin,  I had to add a few pieces of Marley hair to add fullness. It  sounded like you just read a full disclosure, right?  I don't want to leave you in the dark! How was your wash day? I want to know. Even if you wash your hair every other day!



  1. I Love the braided hair twist on you. It really frames that beautiful face. Enjoy!

  2. I feel the same way Nerline! I feel it's going to be a super cold winter. It warmed up this week, but the weather is suppose to change again. So get ready! HaHaHa Isn't it something how some days our hair requires more. Biotin is definitely working for me! I love it! Your hair came out great! Looks beautiful.

  3. I absolutely love this twisted updo! It is lovely. I cut my wash day short as well just to speed things up a bit. I know what you mean. Sometimes you just need a break form all the many steps of a typical wash day. Great post!

  4. Lovely hair style Nerline; you look great.
    We have been having a warm fall so far but we have snow in our weather forecast for friday.

  5. I do wash my hair every other day or else it would be an oil slick.:)) Seriously!! My hair is so oily on the top and dry at the ends, even though I've been trying to trim every 4-5 months. Yours is looking so good! I took Biotin for a month to see if it would improve the texture of my nails and hair. Even though I have a lot of hair it is fine, and I feel like it's thining in the front. I have to say I think it made a bit of a difference in thickness. Not sure if I'll buy it again because the chewy gummie Biotin vitamins I got at Target were so addicting...I kept eating more than instructed. Crazy!!! It was like a treat after dinner, LMAO. Love all your do's, so creative!


  6. Very cute style, Nerline. How much Marley hair did you use?

    1. I think I used 1/2 pack in the middle, and a few pieces to create the side twists.

  7. So healthy looking and great styling looks stunning on you.

  8. Lovely look!!!
    Have a nice day, dear Nerline!!! and my g+ for you!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  9. Just had mine but not satisfied as ever lol! U look adorable Nerline! xo

  10. I love love love this hairstyle. You always do the neatest braid styles.

  11. I absolutely love this up-do on you Nerline! Looks gorgeous!


  12. I can't even tell you added hair... looks great. I would love an updo like this!

    All the Cute
    Today’s Post: Olive Green & Black

  13. Love the hairstyle, sis. Very beautiful! I haven't had a wash day for awhile, because of protective hairstyle at the minute. :)

  14. Love the braids. You always come up with cute hair styles.

  15. Your hair looks beautiful this it!! xx

  16. You looking beautiful nerline. Your hairstyle is beautiful

  17. Hello queen! Your crown us a show stopper. So beautiful and you wear it so well. Your hair wash day needs its own Twitter account. Always so inspiring.

  18. CUTE CUTE CUTE! Tutorial please!

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience chica!

    KLP @

  19. I like the up do, you hair is looking healthy.

  20. Stunning hair do babe! Omg, I love it.

  21. Wow your updo is fabulous! Do you have a pictorial or YouTube link on how you achieved this style?

  22. I thought I commented already but don't see it -- this is super cute!

    Jay of


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