Hair of the Week + Wash Day

              Happy Wednesday Everyone!! I hope the week is treating you right so far. Don't let all the holiday craziness drive you insane. Do what you can and leave the rest to God!  Our $50.00 giveaway winner was announced here. Just in case you missed that post! You might be tired of hearing it, but my wash day was as boring as ever. I did a quick co-wash with the products pictured above. I deep conditioned with heat using my Aussie 3-minute miracle. I binged moisturized the hair with the Cantu cream. I woke up with my hair feeling soft and strong somehow, not sure how that happened. I have been protein-free for at least 3 months now. And I am loving it! I hope you love the hairstyle as much as I do.

 Products used

Hair of the week

              I struggled with what to do with the hair the next day. My go-to style is my high bun. But as you can see, I did something different with the hair this week. I think this is a cute hairstyle. It actually makes me look younger, too. LOL! My Kanekalon hair helped me achieve this style. The camera on my phone failed me this time. I could not get good pictures for this post. The sunlight was not on my side either. I hope the pictures are clear enough.
What do you think about the hair?

The Wash Day Experience



  1. Amei os seus cabelos estar show arrasou produto maravilhoso amei
    o penteado.
    Vídeo Novo:

  2. Yeah. . you look young allright. And you have been getting younger for the past four months. So, do tell. What is your secret? - - - Happy Holidays my Dear.

  3. This is a great hair style for you too Nerline although the bun is my favorite..:-).

  4. you look super cute, Nerline!
    way to go, girl!
    a big hug

  5. Cute hair! I love that Cantu Leave in Cream... it's one of the most, if not THEE MOST, moisturizing products I've ever used on my hair!

    All the Cute
    Today’s Post: Beautiful Holiday

  6. You look cute, you look fabulous....and like Neti I wanna know your secret in getting younger, cuter and sexier. And don't tell me it's the leggings, lol. Luv ya babe!

    1. I wish I could give credits to the leggings . I was actually wearing swaetpants, lol! Luv you doll!!

  7. I love the hair style! Great wash day!

  8. nice. I love your hair style.

  9. I like it a lot :) I've heard so many good things about Aussie Moist and I still haven't tried it. I need to remember to look for it on sale.

  10. I love the hairstyle. You're such a beautiful lady.

  11. Styled to the side! Looks great Nerline!

  12. LOVE this style! Tutorial PLEASE!!!

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience chica!

    KLP @

  13. I love the aussie 3-miracle deep conditioner! It's by far the best conditioner I've tried for that price point - so good! Hair looks great :).

    The Style Boro


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