Heart of Haiti at Macy's

                 Hello all you beautiful souls! Both Thursday  and Friday  were busy days for me. So, I did not get a chance to write a Friday post. But today I'm coming to you with a cause that is very close to my heart, the Macy's  heart of Haiti  campaign. This campaign  started about 5 years ago, but it took me a while to get on board. Hard to believe because I grew up in Haiti, and not too long ago, I could not imagine myself  adopting  another culture. Our culture  is who we are, what we grew up eating, breathing, and dancing to. I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth, but I grew up loving music, beautiful art prints,  and nature. I grew up hoping for a better future  for my country.

               In 1998, I left Haiti to come live with my mom. Things were bad when I left. But in 2010, things got really worst and Haiti has not been the same since. After Haiti was hit by the 2010 earthquake  that left the country paralyzed, Macy's took the initiative  to help haiti by bringing  handcrafted products  from Haiti to be sold in  the US . Those products  were created by very talented  entrepreneurs  with a passion  for art and everything  beautiful. Each product represents  our way of life. But what's more important is that every time you buy one product, you will help an auntie  send her niece to school. Some children  were left without  a mom, a dad, or both parents. Your purchase  can help these  kids, too.  As you shop for holiday  presents this year, think about giving  the gift of hope to Haiti. Hope for a better future for every child!

Heart of Haiti Large Papier Mache Vase with Cord

Heart of Haiti 9" Horn Picture Frame

Heart of Haiti Metal Sunflower 12" Picture Frame

Heart of Haiti Horn Salad Servers with Wooden Handles

Heart of Haiti Papier Mache Large Tree of Life Tray

Thanks for your support, always! 

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Nerline Germain
Nerline Germain

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  2. Loving the sunflower frame


  3. I never knew that about you! These pieces here are so beautiful and show a lot of skill.

  4. Those are such beautiful pieces wish i was in the US to support

  5. Great post Nerline and very well said about our Culture being who we are. These handcrafted pieces are beautiful.

  6. SInce I live in a country that has problems with earthquakes (recently there was one in an island in west Greece) I find that action a great idea!
    The salad servers are wonderful!

  7. Lovely cause will certainly looking into purchasing a piece.

  8. Wow amazing products of Haiti in Macy I need to check it out love the tray.

  9. I had no idea that Macy's did this. That is amazing. All of the pieces above are absolutely beautiful!

  10. I remember the earthquake in Haiti Nerline. It was disheartening to see and then the focus faded away from the problem. Which i thought was horrible. People still need help. So glad to hear about this. I did not know.

  11. This is a good campaign for sure. Kudos to Macys and thanks for shedding a light on this. That earthquake sure was very bad, but in everything we thank God. Some things are out of our reach unfortunately. It is well!!


  12. I think it's awesome to buy gifts that support charities or special causes. These are all really nice.

    Earlier this year my family visited Heifer International, it's a charity that help people around the whole learn how to earn a livable income by teaching improved farming techniques, by providing animals, providing jobs for artisans, etc. They have a gift shop with lots of items made by artisans from all over who are earning a livable wage. I'm going to there and purchase some gifts for Christmas. Because the items were beautiful and it supports a great cause ☺