How to Rock Your Denim Jeggings with Wide Calf Boots

                 Hello beautiful people!! I am finally back with a fashion post. Thanks to all of you for your continuous support. Thanks to my over-sharers and my new supporters. Do you have any  plans for the weekend? I remember when my weekends consisted of cooking and watching LIFETIME. That was 9 years ago.  My son's 9th birthday is on Tuesday, February 2nd,  but we are having the party this Sunday since he will be in school that day. He is getting a super bowl theme party as requested. He had the courage to ask me if I told the baker to write super bowl on the cake. I said no Aj, I told her to write Happy Birthday Alexander.
                  I was not to sure about wearing  Jeggings until I saw a pair on my sister. They looked so soft and comfortable on her.  It took her a while to get me my own pair, but she did. She also got me those boots for Christmas two years ago.  Wide calf boots look great with regular jeans. My blogger friend, Kim, has a great post on how to keep your jeans looking great inside your boots. I know I am not wearing flare bottom  jeans today, but I took her advice and wore a thick pair of socks to make the wide calf boots looking like they are not swallowing my skinny legs. Did I mention how beautiful the weather was?  It was a regular Thursday morning. All we had to do was taking my daughter to her Dr.'s appointment and go grocery shopping. I think I kept it simple enough. What do you think?

Nerline Germain
Nerline Germain

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  1. Love the color of your boots. Great outfit and a happy birthday to your son. Have a great weekend.

  2. What! You don't have jeggings? You need to get more because you look Fabulous in them. I have about 4 pairs and wear them to death. Enjoy the birthday party and say hello to the brithday boy for me.

  3. I love your necklace!!
    And those Kim's tips were very practical. I always ended looking slightly silly when i put my jeans inside boots, unless the jeans are extremly skin tight.

    Have a wonderful weekend! xo


  4. Write super bowl on the cake, that is hilarious. Happy Birthday to him, Im sure he'll have great fun. You look grreeeaaattt! I love the tucked in boots look too, so cool. You rocked the jeggings darling! My kids are older so I enjoy watching lifetime, great movies.

  5. Oh yes, you rock in denim & boots!!!
    Happy WE Nerline!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  6. Jeggings are life savers, sis. You just throw em on and out you go. Ha!!
    Great casual outfit and your smile makes me smile. Beautiful! :)


  7. You look great in jeggings! You should definitely get more. Love your boots too. sweet look.

  8. Nerline, they look great on you and I always LOVE camel paired with denim.

  9. HBD to your son you look sweet

  10. You rock that look, Nerline. So, go and get yourself some more jeggings, girl. Say Happy birthday to the birthday boy for me.
    kisses, sis

  11. Girl! So cute in those jeggings and love that last pic too!

  12. I love jeggings too, you can combine them with so many different styles and they are always comfy. You look great girl!

  13. Simply beautiful and looks great on you !


  14. I love this look, Nerline! You look great! I am a big fan of jeggings and wide-calf boots, especially in this season.

  15. Hunter boots always look great with jeggings or fitted denim; you look beautiful Nerline.