Inside My Influenster 2015 Jingle VoxBox

              Happy new year, everyone!! I hope the year is treating  you well so far. If you are having  trouble  writing down 2016, you are not the only one. It will take me at least two months to get used to the new number. Well, before the year  2015 ended, our friends  at Influenster surprised  me with the Jingle VoxBox. In 2014,  we had the Frosty VoxBox, which I had to get approved for. But, I was totally  surprised last year  because  I did not have to get approved  for this box.  I was so excited after I got the email that I went straight to YouTube and  spoiled my own surprise. But I loved the fact that the girls did not reveal all of the products in the box. So, I was still surprised when I opened the box. Yey!!
Joining the Influenster network  is a great way to get free products to review  on your blog if you are a blogger. If YouTube  is your  platform of choice, you can also receive products  to review on your channel. Let's check out the products, shall we?

Biscoff  Cookies  250g   $2.99

Ore _ Ida Tater Tots $3.99

Cetaphil  Moisturizing Cream  $8.99 - $15.99

Kiss Strip Lash Adhesive  with Aloe  $3.99

Pure Ice Nail Polish   $1.97 only at Walmart

Kiss True Volume Lashes $3.99

NYC  City Proof  24 hour Waterproof  Eyeliner  $3.99

Hallmark  Itty-Bittys  $6.95 (starting price)

             I may have to go to the Influenster  website for tips on how to apply  those falsies. My first experience with false eyelashes  did not  go too well. The closest  I got to applying them was opening  the box.  Being a member of the influenster network is not only about getting free stuff. It is also about discovering new products and interacting with other product reviewers. I'm so looking forward  to trying the eyeliner and the nail polish. I'm sure my daughter  will take care of the Ore-ida  french fries. She already  kidnapped  the itty-bitty SPIDER-MAN. And AJ already  took care of the cookies ! I am already trying some of the beauty products. Let me know which product you would like me to review first.
Check out if you have a minute. It is a fun place to explore, especially if you are a beauty blogger. Are you a member of influenster nation?



  1. I was also approved for the Jingle VoxBox. I haven't opened yet since I haven't been home long enough. After seeing your goodies I'm really excited to open mine!

  2. What great goodies. Have a wonderful week ahead and best wishes!

  3. Influenster has been skipping over me lately so I was excited to get some treats in my mailbox. I will give the Spider Man to my nephew.

    Jay of

  4. I heard those Kiss lashes are really good! I want to give false eye lashes a try also Nerline. I'm just scared I'll rip my real one's out. LOL Influenster is very good. I joined the first year, but I felt I had to blog about each item so much, so that is why I stopped.

    1. I understand what you mean. I want to try the eyelashes too.

  5. Surely some lovely goodies in the box. Why AJ? I wanted one cookie. Ha!

  6. Happy New Year! I absolutely love Biscoff cookies - they're so yummy :).

    The Style Boro

  7. Postagem maravilhosa, tenha uma semana abençoada.

  8. Essa caixa é tudo de bom amei, tenha uma semana abençoada.

  9. looks like there were a lot of great stuff in the box!


  10. Great goodies, Nerline. Why does Itty Bitty looks so grim?
    kisses, babe

  11. Love the new look of the blog, very cool! I am not part of influenster, I think I might have researched a bit. I would love a review on the eye lash adhesive to see if it really works. I don't wear faux eye lashes mainly do to my sensitive eyes, but that one looks doable. Have a great New Years week!


  12. I love getting Influencer boxes and a surprise one would be even better. It's always nice to try new products.

  13. Lots of goodies here. I do not have any "box" subscription yet and this influenster box looks tempting.

  14. Happy New Year my sweet, I hope it's a very blessed and wonderful one for you :))) I loooooooooove the spiderman, haha :) x

  15. The spidey is so cute, I love all the products that you have got.


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