Kiss True Volume Lashes (Posh) and Strip Lash Adhesive REVIEW

*These products were received from influenster to facilitate my review, but all opinions are my own*

How Kiss Describes the products

 Kiss True Volume  Lashes (Posh)

  • 100% Natural Hair with Tapered Ends

Revolutionary Tapered End Technology delivers real-like lashes that blend seamlessly with your own lashes. 97% of women who wore these lashes felt the difference—you’ll forget you’re wearing them!

Strip Lash Adhesive with Aloe by KISS - Black

The natural way to wear falsies! Secure your longer, fuller lashes with aloe-infused glue with strong-hold ability. It’s safe, dermatologist tested and has a soothing, natural scent

              Can I   just say that I have never felt so out of my comfort  zone?  I   have a new found  respect for all of you beauty  Gurus  who just slap your fake eyelashes on like it's a piece  of cake. Thanks for making me believe that applying fake eyelashes is something that can be done, maybe after years of practice for me.  After going  to influenster 's YouTube  channel to learn how to apply  those  falsies, I turned  the computer off thinking it would  probably  take me about ten minutes  to get both eyes done. 20 minutes later, I was still in the bathroom trying to find my lash line,  wiping my eyelashes with a warm washcloth , and reapplying the glue. 35 minutes  later, (because yours truly is not a quitter), one of the fake eyelashes  was on, and that's  how far I got. I'm getting  so much better  at this, I tell ya!

               Kiss True Volume  Lashes are very soft. I love how they mimic my own eyelashes. I did not find the need to cut the one that I got to try because the length was perfect. Or was it? Please check out  exhibit  A  below and let me know what you think.  While  it did not  look like I was wearing   false  eyelashes, it sure felt like it. I probably  put too much glue. But what do I know?  Speaking of glue!  The award winner for me was the glue. Only  a non-irritating glue could help  me  get through all the rubbing  that I went through without  leaving  my eyelashes hair-free. The glue was very  easy  to apply from the tube. It gets washed off easily  while still wet. It has a gray-ish color when it comes out, but turns  black very fast. I cannot quite describe the scent, but it is not too strong. It contains Aloe Vera, which is known for its soothing and  moisturizing properties. 

 Exhibit A

               Will I try fake eyelashes again? Probably not. Was it a good experience? YES! Convincing my eyelid to get on board with a stranger was the hardest part for me. It is worth mentioning that the glue did not get into my eyes and I was not left with irritating skin. My overall experience with Kiss True Volume  Lashes (Posh) and Strip Lash Adhesive was good, but I will not be trying faux eyelashes again anytime soon.

Do you wear fake eyelashes? How do you get your eyelids to stay in place?
Nerline Germain
Nerline Germain

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  1. You're brave. I can't bring myself to try the lashes. Great post!

    1. Girl, I don't know what I was thinking! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Great review and very helpful those lashes are stunning.

  3. I had similar experience trying fake lashes but unlike you I quit. I may give it another try.

  4. The beauty gurus make it look really easy to apply. I only wore it once and it was put on for my by my MUA. My husband always says eyes doesn't grow back so i try to stay far from doing anything outside my comfort zone to them.

  5. Don't worry sis, you are not alone. The first eye is done in a whiff but the other one is never done. I HATE it. I guess I am just too blonde to get it right, lol. But I have to say, thse eyelashes look awesome on you, Nerline. Happy Monday, babe.

  6. They look pretty good, better than I expected!

  7. Nice experience and I'm glad you won't try it again. Ha!! I haven't tried it before and yea I'm not a fan. Lol!! Great review!


  8. Ugh i really want to get into this lash thing but I suck!!

  9. I feel the same way about people who can effortlessly apply lashes. I know my limits so I won't be trying them because like one of your commenters said, eyes don't grow back. The one lash you did apply looked very natural :)

  10. Wow I like it!!!!
    Have a good week, Nerline!!! and my g+ for you!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  11. Kudos for you did a great job! I'm yet to put one on..lol I tired and got frustrated. It looks really great on you.

  12. Nerline, I'm so glad you tried this brand! I want to try them at least once! LOL I've seen both good and bad looking lashes! I'll let you know how mine turn out.

  13. It looks good on you, we need lot of practise to master the art of applying eyelash.