Marley Hair Turban Updo | #WashDayExperience

                Hello Everyone! I am just going to pretend that it hasn't been a long time since I joined the wash day experience. The reason is not because I haven't washed my hair. The weather has not been the best lately and I don't really believe in indoor  lighting when it comes to taking pictures. I managed to take some pictures inside today, but I had to take at least 49 before I could find a few good ones. Anyway, I was playing with my hair today and I came up with a hairstyle. I was not sure what to call it at first, then I realized that it looks exactly like a turban. So, I called it Marley hair turban updo. I used one pack of Kanekalon Marley hair to create it. I guess it is appropriately named. I know the theme for the linkup this week is tea for two, but my hair did not really need a tea rinse this week. Let's get into how the wash day went!

The Wash Day Experience
              One thing that I was not big on doing before was detangling my hair.  I did not have the patience for it. Now, I detangle my hair using a cheap conditioner. While the conditioner is still on my hair, I use a moisturizing shampoo to wash my scalp. Depending on how my hair feels after the shampoo, I condition before deep conditioning my hair. Sometimes conditioning my hair is not necessary because the conditioner used to detangle my hair keeps it soft even after shampooing. I love to deep condition with heat now. The number one reason is because it cuts the time in half for me. Instead of deep conditioning for 30 minutes, I only do it for 15. I used Cantu Argan Oil cream as my leave-in. There is a review about it here if you missed it. I used a little too much, which resulted in my hair feeling heavy the next day.

Hair of the week

               I used Marley hair to create that style, like I said before. I sectioned my hair in 3. I braided (cornrows) the two sides using my own hair. For the front, I created a hole in the middle of my own hair like I was getting it ready to insert a fake ponytail. I inserted the already twisted Marley hair and tied it up. I used bobby pins to secure the twists as I used them to cover my cornrows. I hope that makes sense!! My wash day was okay. The dryness is still in the air.  I just want to hide my hair and not do anything to it right now. I am contemplating buying some silk turbans. If only I could wear them to work! I hope you like the hairstyle. How was your wash day?



  1. You always come up with creative updo's with extensions. Your hair looks great!

  2. I Likey a lot and your hair sure does not look dry.

  3. Well your crown and glory looks beautiful Nerline! The time and effort you put into your hair is paying off girl.

  4. This looks so beautiful, Nerline. Love what you did with your hair. I never thought of using conditioner before the shampoo, but it makes sense. Don't you just hate the heavy hair feeling.....argh! Babe, you look beautiful today.

  5. I have forgotten something, Nerline. Somehow I am no longer able to give you my g+ I click on the g+ button, it opens up, I share, but it never shows up. It only happens at your blog, Nerline. Did you change something or am I suddenly too blonde?
    kisses again

    1. Hi Leny,

      I am not sure why that happens. It works for me on my phone, but sometimes it does not work for me on the laptop either. Thanks for trying, love!

  6. wow, had to keep looking at the picture cause I was convinced that was all your hair with no braid. cute idea.

  7. Love the updo it looks like your own hair.

  8. Crazy creative style chica.

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience chica!

    KLP @

  9. This style is too cute, Nerline! You always come up with the most gorgeous and creative protective styles.

  10. Love your post Nerline! I'm sharing it on my FB page tomorrow.

    Jay of

  11. Yaaaaaaaas Nerline. I love this look, the hair and lipstick. Well done!


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