NEW ORS Olive Oil with Pequi Oil Edge Control Gel REVIEW

                 Last year, right before the holidays,  ORS Hair Care contacted me about some NEW hair products they wanted me to try and review on the blog. This is one of the three hair products that they sent me. In addition to this one, they also sent me their Strand Strengthening Styling Gel and Grapeseed Oil 2-in-1 Shine Mist & Heat Defense. I will be reviewing these products sometimes next week, but let me tell you about my experience with ORS Olive Oil with Pequi Oil Edge Control Gel today!

How ORS describes the product

ORS brings the power of nourishing Olive Oil Plus the silky smoothness of Brazilian Pequi Oil for sleep hair and edges, luminous shine and breakage protection. Pequi Oil is rich in vitamins A&E, antioxidants and natural fatty acids that penetrate deep into the hair to smooth your curls. Experience long-lasting hold, with no flaking, no alcohol and no build-up.

Apply to edges and smooth with fingertips, small brush or rat-tail comb for desired style.

About the Product
  • For smooth & easy edges.
  • Keeps wavy, curly, kinky edges smooth.
  • Reversion resistant.
  • Radiant shine.
  • No build up.

              ORS Olive Oil with Pequi Oil Edge Control Gel is a thick gel that smells like an orange flavored candy. The color of the gel is also orange (clear). It comes in a 2.25 oz. jar. Its job is to keep your edges smooth after styling your hair. It definitely kept my hair in place for a full day. It was easy to apply and it kept the hair very soft. I used a rat tail comb to comb the hair to the back, which helped with the distribution of the product.  The shine was also noticeable. My edges did not feel crunchy,  but I did notice some build-up, probably because I used a little too much. I tend to be very generous when it comes to adding products to my hair. I am sure some of you can relate!

             ORS Olive Oil with Pequi Oil Edge Control Gel keeps the hair in place while providing shine. It also leaves the hair smelling good. My experience with this product was very good. I think it is a great hair product to have for naturally curly hair.  I cannot wait to review the styling gel!



  1. That looks like a great product and nice review.

  2. Looks really good Nerline
    A good gel is so essential to style the hair
    I like the fact that it consists olive oil

    x Isabelle | Outfit Van De Dag
    Facebook Page *Click*

  3. That product sounds great hun! I love olive oil for the hair and do apply it sometimes overnight to keep my hair shiny. Can´t go wrong with it :)


  4. It did really good Nerline! I wish I had wavy hair like yours girl :D

  5. Sound like a good product. Thanks for sharing, beautiful!

  6. Looks like an awesome product, good that it holds the hair without making it oily.

  7. wow great review, I need this product in my life.

  8. Keeping the hair smelling good makes it a win for me. Great review darling.

  9. Girl you know you have to keep those edges tight. Good review, will definitely try this!

  10. I believe I tried this product before, but can't remember the results :/


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