NEW ORS Strand Strengthening Styling Gelee REVIEW

           As promised, today I am reviewing the Strand Strengthening Styling Gelee, one of the products sent to me by ORS. You can find my review on the Edge Control here, if you missed it. This new line of styling products focuses on moisture and shine while keeping the hair in place. These products are new and they are not widely available to the public yet. I will add more information as it becomes available to me.  I have used the styling Gelee on both mine and my daughter's hair so far. Keep reading to find out what I think.

How ORS describes the product

Ultra firm hold with extra conditioning. Moringa Oil helps hair stay strong during rigorous styling No crunch, No flaking. No sodium hydroxide. No alcohol.
My opinion

             ORS Strand Strengthening Styling Gelee looks like a gel, feels like a gel, but works on the hair like a custard. It provides the hold without making the hair feel sticky or heavy. Don't count on it to give your curls great definition. That did not happen for me.  This product smells incredibly good and it is not messy. I love the packaging. I know the product already contains olive oil, but after I washed my daughter's hair on Saturday, while the hair was still damp, I added some extra virgin olive oil to the hair before applying  the product to it,  and combed it with a wide tooth comb. I did a two-strand twist style on her hair and undid the twists on Tuesday. Her twist-out will probably last 3 days because today is Wednesday, and I am starting to see the hair puffing out.

The bottom line
                 ORS Strand Strengthening Styling Gelee worked as promised on both mine and my daughter's hair. I find it to be very moisturizing, although I did not notice a great amount of shine. The flakes were more noticeable on my hair than they were on my daughter's.  I guess it depends on the hair's porosity level. My daughter has high to medium porosity hair.  And there was absolutely no crunch! The best thing about this product is that I can just spray the hair with water and re-twist it until it is time to wash my daughter's hair again. I don't have to worry about her ends breaking off. This product is definitely a winner in my book.
Do you use any gel to style your hair?
Nerline Germain
Nerline Germain

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  1. That's great that the product worked for you and your daughter. Her braids look great! I am very simple when it comes to so many things, and my hair is one of them. I only shampoo and condition my hair. I do use a L'Oreal blow drying cream on it when I blow dry it, and I only do that on ocassion. I do love the many products from L'Oreal!


  2. Moringa is the latest ting and I see it's included in this product. I only use products that give curl definition so I will have to pass on this. Thanks for the review Sis!!

  3. Looks marvellous and I love the colour of it for some reason, lol!! Gorgeous hair :) xx

  4. Sounds like a nice product, but it'd be nice if it did give some shine and some definition; but I'm for anything that does not make my hair hard and crunchy.

  5. When I see a gel promoting strength, i automatic think it can lead to breakage if its misused. Your daughter twist came out perfection. Great review, I can always count on you.

  6. I like the sound of it. Looks great on your daughters hair. Would love to try it on my daughters hair since she's natural too.


  7. Sounds like a winner here. Thanks for sharing, sis.


  8. Strand strengthening gelee? It definitely sounds like a good product. I haven't heard of it before though. Nice review.

  9. Looks like a cool product, I don't use gel on my hair.

  10. I've never tried a gel on my hair! Glad it works. Your daughters twists look great Nerline!