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                  A few years ago, I wrote a short  post about using Jamaican or Haitian Black Castor oil on babies hair. The post was mostly about safety and what to look for if you choose to use these oils on your baby's hair. Somehow the post has been going around and I have been getting a lot of questions about my daughter's hair regimen. Before I started getting questions from my readers, I had my own question, how come I never had to do a protein treatment on her hair? Keep in mind that she is allergic to wheat, eggs, and milk. So, doing a protein treatment for her is almost impossible.

               My daughter's hair journey started after her 1st birthday, right after she was diagnosed with multiple allergies. She lost all her baby hair around that time. Since Castor oil was commonly used in Haiti on babies of all ages, I decided to keep my daughter's hair regimen simple by using a simple moisturizing shampoo and a good oil to lock the moisture in after rinsing out the shampoo.  No conditioner. Instead of deep conditioning her hair, I would use Extra virgin olive oil before washing the hair.

Here's what I learned from doing my daughter's hair. 
  1. She never had a protein treatment. She never needed one. The need for a protein treatment only happens when you don't consume enough protein in your diet or when your hair is chemically treated. Her nails are always strong, which indicates that each hair strand is also strong.
  2. She never really had a deep conditioning treatment. She never had the patience for it. I left it alone.
  3. She never had split ends. Moisturizing 4c hair on a regular basis and sealing it with the right oil can prevent split ends.
  4. She's only had natural shedding. The castor oil that I used on her hair prevented unnecessary shedding.
  5. Her hair rarely breaks. Because I keep her hair in a protective style about 90% of the time, breakage rarely occurs. 

Her current hair regimen, products, and styling 

The Wash Day ExperienceDetangling: Extra virgin olive oil. I put a plastic cap on her head after detangling and let her play outside for an hour before washing the hair.

Shampooing: The original Head & Shoulders, used on her scalp only once a week.

Conditioning:  Aussie Moist 3 - Minute Miracle.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil, also used for scalp massage.

Styling: Box braids, Cornrows, Jumbo or mini twists with or without beads, and high bun with the ends tucked in. 

Daily moisturizing routine: Water + JBCO 

               Although I don't use the same shampoo as her, my hair routine is pretty much like hers now. Sometimes I take risks and try other products, but I keep my hair regimen simple. She has been using the same shampoo for over five years. I wish I could do that. The point that I am trying to make is that less is more when it comes to fragile hair. Constantly touching the hair and adding products that the hair does not need can lead to extreme breakage. What I learned from doing my daughter's hair is that growth starts from the inside out, not the outside in. All I have to do is take proper care of what is already growing. 



  1. Such a cute baby picture of your daughter Nerline, she's beautiful. I agree with you that less is more! The more products you add to your hair, the more you will throw it off balance I bealieve. I also believe that health and beauty definitely starts from the inside. Great job with her hair!

  2. amazing article I read the whole thing...:) love your daughters hair!

  3. Your Mini-me for sure. I did not have a daughter so never had to put in the work. You have so much hair knowledge and I love reading your posts. Much Luv!

  4. She has long beautiful tresses. Its amazing some people hair thrives so much without rigidity that we have being on a HHJ. You're doing a great job Nerline!

  5. This is so helpful for anyone with the same hair issues on the child. You little one adorable.

  6. Gorgeous long hair for a cute girl. Wow!


  7. Cabelos de cacho todos pensa que estar pequeno quando puxa ver
    que é grande ótima postagem.
    Novo vídeo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apP6eHn5PlI

  8. What you're using WORKS Nerline! Look at how strong her hair is! The pictures say everything :D

  9. Oh I think my hair would follow your lessons as well lol! Especially, it needs a protein treatment! Kisses Nerline! xo

  10. Incredible how healthy her hair looks from all the love you pour into it. I didn't do a lot with my girls' hair so I guess they lucked out with good hair. I hope your baby grows out of the allergies.

  11. She got it from her mama... Good hair right thurrrrrrrrr!!


  12. LOVE this post! Your daughter's hair is beautiful and so long. Definitely proof that all you need is a simple regimen that works for you and to take care of yourself on the inside to reap benefits on the outside. Love it!

  13. Your daughter's hair is so beautiful and healthy! My daughter's hair care is pretty simple, but I do have to make sure she gets a moisturizing deep condition often---especially in the winter.

    Thanks for sharing her regimen with us!

  14. She has hair!!
    I jst starteed a hair mix for my baby. I boiled shea butter, castor oil and olive oil. I boiled it cos of germs. I will start applying tommoro can't wait for the result

  15. I have always known your daughter is blessed to have a hair specialist for a Mom; her hair looks beautiful.

  16. Excellent post! I'm glad you're keeping it simple with your daughter's hair. I'm doing the same with my daughter expect without the use of castor oil. I use coconut oil. I keep her hair in protective styles 95% of the time. With our type of hair, less is indeed more.

  17. Poor baby too bad she has the allergies, thank goodness there are other ways to take care of her hair :) xo- Fashion Phases

  18. This was an excellent read. I have failed to maintain a hair routine with my daughter, I really need to get in the habit of using more protective styles on her hair. Especially, during the winter because her hair has been dry this winter.

  19. Simple is always best. Your daughter's hair looks very healthy. I remember the days when my mother used to do my hair. Every now and then I get tired of my hair and wish for those days when I could count on my mother to braid me up for the week :)

  20. I had no idea that using oil on your hair can prevent split ends. Thanks for sharing this!

  21. interesting....my hair would not exist without protein lol. Just too fine and needs the reinforcement in spite of the fact that I consume more than enough protein.

    so sorry baby girl has the allergies. I know how she feels now. I ate wheat all my life and now I'm diagnosed as being allergic to wheat, soybeans, barley and shrimp. The shrimp I could care less about but the wheat! Lord, I'm gluten free most days but the days I slip and have, say a pizza....I suffer later. My face breaks out terribly and I have inflammation :-( Oh and soybean oil is in like everything! almost

  22. Neat routine!! Everything is present!! :o)
    Your daughter is adorable and her hair looks so long and healthy!!

    I remember when my mom grew my hair to my butt. Then I became a young adult with a flat iron and thought it best to straighten my hair ALL THE TIME. Worst decision everrrr! Been a long process getting my hair "back." Haha. Of course, one thing that helped was protective styling, my mom braided my hair probably 90% of my childhood, so it was very easy to have length retained.

    Keep up the good work, mama!

    All the Cute
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