MAC Heroine A74 Matte Lipstick REVIEW

              Happy Fall everyone! I hope the month of September is still kind to you. I bought this mac heroine lipstick almost a year ago. I know. I should've gotten rid of it already. But what had happened was, I lost it a couple of weeks after I bought it. But to my surprise, it was in one of the drawers in my bathroom the whole time. I was shocked when I found it about a week ago. I thought somebody had borrowed it for some reason. I first saw  the Mac Heroine on a fashion blogger. The color looked so pretty on her I almost asked her if I could have it. But I went to the MAC website and  got my own. The cost was about $16.00. I love purple and I wanted to experiment with different shades.  Although this is a pretty shade, I don't think I will ever get my money's worth because I am about to throw this lipstick away without wearing it as often as I should have.

The packaging is fine. The shade does not show through the tube. But I like the chubby tube nonetheless.

The formula changed over time. I remember getting a matte finish the first time I tried the lipstick, but now I get a creamier, more moisturizing finish. The stick got thinner and sweatier too.

The pigmentation was great when I bought the lipstick, but it kind of changed a few months later. Now I have to swipe more than once to get a darker shade as opposed to when I first used it.

The staying power was more powerful almost a year ago. I did not have to reapply the lipstick over and over. But now that it is a little on the creamy side, it leaves stains on the glass when I try to drink something. No good!

              The picture before the last one was taken a week after I bought the lipstick.  And the last picture was taken this week.  I will definitely buy this lipstick again because I love the color. I will try not to lose it next time. What are your thoughts on MAC lipsticks?



  1. I absolutely love MAC lipsticks. The smell and pigment is great. It looks great on you.

  2. Lovely review Nerline, purple is my fav colour but I have never worn a purple lipstick before, maybe I'm scared that it would be too much pop of colour for me lol
    Happy Friday and have a great weekend

  3. I love MAC Heroine and have purchased it a couple of times. It's such a pretty purple. And now that it's fall, I know I will be pulling it back out along with some of my other favorite purples.

    Have you thought of maybe depotting it or something so that you can back to mac the packaging perhaps? I would hate for you to lose your money on the lippie you barely got to wear!

  4. I love the color on you and sorry to hear you are throwing it out.

  5. I LOVE your hair, Nerline you look amazing and oh so beautiful. That lipstick color looks so pretty on you, hun. Glad to read that the matte ones by MAC now are creamier because the old ones did dry out my lips. Happy Friday, babe.

  6. I saw this on instagram today and totally loved the shade. I'm sold too! :)

  7. My google research tells me lipsticks are good for two years. This one looks good on you so don't throw it out just yet.

  8. This colour is stunning! Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY

  9. Beautiful color! I've never tried any MAC product. Although I hear a lot of great things about their lip colors.

  10. The shade did change over time. It is more purple in the first pic. I love both shades on you though and so I hope you'll be more careful when you buy a new tube next time...:-)

  11. Hey there babe! I love your hair and Heroine is one of my faves at Mac. I still have some from last year and even though I pulled them out yesterday, I didnt try it. So I must take a peek today. I'd hate to trash it cos it's not even close to finished. Happy Monday.

  12. This shade is gorgeous, looks perfect on you too!! Wonderful. Hopefully though, nothing was wrong and everything, can never be too careful with these things. xx

  13. It´s a great colour and looks very nice on you Nerline. Love it!

  14. So cool, love the color! I love finding little lost treasures. MAC is one of my favorite lipsticks ever, I started wearing the brand 3 years ago and now it's always in my makeup bag. :)) Did you know that if you save 6 empty containers you can get a free one? I've gone back twice with a bag and gotten my faves.


  15. I love purple; it’s my favorite color, and this Mac lipstick doesn’t disappoint. It’s a bummer you lost it for a year, stuff like that happens to me all the time. Sadly I seem to misplace some of my favorite pieces of clothing, and it drives me crazy.


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