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             Hello beauties! How was your week? I hope you had an eventful week. Mine was okay.  A few things happened: hubby and I went to vote early. Everybody was so friendly and the line moved smoothly. Have you noticed that most of the people working at the voting precincts are senior citizens? We have nothing but respect for them.  Don't forget to vote this year. Your vote can and will make a big difference.  I won a $50.00 amazon gift card from social insiders, and both my babies got all As in school for the first quarter. I am a proud mama!
             Have you been enjoying the fall season? We are still enjoying temperatures where a simple dress and a cardi is okay.  I have become such a big fan of asymmetrical fashion pieces. I think the last time I wore one was last fall. After I bought this dress, all I could think about was some comfortable dancing shoes. But my kitty heels did the trick. I love the highs and the lows that reminds me of how unpredictable life can be. This dress also reminds me of the song, " I hope you dance." But don't let it fool you, the wind blowing in the wrong direction almost revealed all my business. I love the design nonetheless. I threw a cardigan over the dress to complete the red, white, and blue look. What do you think?



  1. looking so cute Nerline.


  2. Arrasou lindo look amei, bom final de semana, obrigado pela visita.

  3. You can't go wrong with red white and blue. Love what you did here, Nerline. It's a gorgeous look and you look just so pretty!

  4. You look beautiful! Congratulations to your kids for getting strait A's this quarter. I agree everyone should get out and vote. I love the red, white and blue! Have a terrific weekend.

  5. Great combination sis! I love the details on the dress, very nice. You look wonderful! Thank God the kids are doing great.

  6. What a lovely outfit. Have a nice Sunday x

    Gemma x

  7. Love the colors. Hope you had a great weekend.

  8. Very lovely combination; I love the shoes.

  9. You are indeed the Queen Of Style, Nerline.


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