STYLE | Double-Breasted Trench Coat & Wide Calf Boots

                Happy Monday loves! Are you ready for Thanksgiving? Who is the chef in your house? The last Thursday in November is the only day in the year my husband gets to take over the kitchen. He is the master of juicy turkey. But we will miss my brother this year. He brings the best recipes to the table. He is currently in Spain with the US Navy. I am sure he will be cooking his heart out for them. He truly loves what he does.
Did you know the trench coat was originally created for army officers?

               My son was looking at my blog's OVERVIEW STATS last week and he said, "Why do you have so many readers in Russia?" I asked him how he knew that I had a lot of readers in Russia; and his response was, "Because I know where Russia is located on the map." All I could say was Mr. smarty pants. So, thanks to my many readers in Russia and around the world. This blog still exists because of you.
               There are three things I cannot live without during the fall season: a light coat, a pair of boots, and of course a great scarf. I can replace the leggings with the skinny jeans, the blouse with a simple white T-shirt, but these three will always remain constant. This five-button double-breasted trench coat made its way to my closet last week. I already have two in the closet that don't fit. LOL! It's hard to believe that something that was created for men looks so good on women. I wore it over my blouse, a gift from the sister who gives a lot, but asks for nothing in return. I completed the look with a pair of wide calf boots. My sister also got me these boots for Christmas about 3 years ago. I used a hot comb to straighten my hair the day before, but the wind had it going all over the place during the photo shoot. But  I loved the style anyway. What do you think?



  1. So gorgeous!! I hope you have a brilliant Thanksgiving doll!! xx

  2. You look so beautiful. I love the ensemble, especially the necklace and coat. Awesome! :)

  3. Yaasss, we are taking over men's clothing. How smart is your son! Kudos to you for raising the smarty pants. Everyone in my home will be on chef duty come thursday. I'm not doing all that by myself. In fact I'm trying to get them to commit to what they're in charge of as early as today, otherwise we'll have to order din din for Thursday, haha. You and your killer smile. LOVELY!

  4. The entire outfit compliments each each so well. Happy thanksgiving in advance!

  5. Cheers to Mr Smarty Pants. You look Fall Fabulous my dear and I love it.

  6. Such a chic and classic outfit, Nerline:) That trench coat is such a great piece, and totally versatile!
    Advanced Happy Thanksgiving to you and the whole family:)

  7. No I didn't know that the trench was originally created for army men. Your son is very smart, kudos. I am with Neti, you look Fall Fabulous and so so cute cute cute! Hey I thought you couldn't live without your big sister, that's me in case you've forgotten, now I am pouting, so there! Luv ya, babe. I am sure you'll have a happy and healthy and joyful Thanksgiving. God bless.

  8. Nice coat, Have you lost a few ponds? If so share your tips with us.

  9. looking gorg Nerline , loveeee the outfit!!

  10. Adore your look Nerline, the boots go perfect with the trench! I have yet to find the perfect trench that is not so expensive. I am cursed because all the ones I love are over $100, UGHHHH! Buget girl over here. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. Loved the Turkey on Insta.


  11. Very cute coat! Please check out my new post: Winter coats inspiration on Thank you! xxx

  12. I love trench coats and I believe every lady should have one in her closet (sleeveless; if you live in the temperate region)...:-)

    Very gorgeous outfit; you look so chic and cool.

    *A big Thank-you to your brother in the Navy for his amazing service.

  13. Looking fabulous as always, Nerline. Wish we had Fall here! I love looking at all these gorgeous outwear that I never get to wear. Over here we have summer all year round. Dang!


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