5 Affordable Christmas Gift Ideas

                 We hear it all the time, "Jesus is the reason for the season." Some of us celebrate his birth by remembering that he was God's gift to us. I know this season puts most of us in the giving mood/spirit, but you cannot give what you don't have. My husband and I keep it simple. We tell everybody in advance that we will be buying gifts for the kids only.  And when we do give something to the adults, it's because we can afford,  and we do not expect to receive anything in return. Do not feel obligated to give anything to anybody. Do not borrow money to buy Christmas presents. Don't max out your credit cards either. With that said, there are small things that you can do to show your neighbors and family and friends that you love them. It is the thought that counts. And those who really love you will understand that.

Host a Christmas Dinner

                If you have friends who don't have family members near by, get together with them and make them feel special. Cook their favorite meals and invite them over for dinner. Who doesn't like a home cooked meal?

Bake Cookies or Crochet a Scarf 

                     Christmas is the best time to bring out the Martha Stewart in you. There is nothing more precious than a handmade gift. It is thoughtful and affordable. And the best part is that it brings out your creative side. I hate baking because of all the measuring I have to do, but I have been crocheting scarves and hats for family and friends. And trust me, I did not have to pay a lot of money for the yarns.

Teach the Kids the True meaning of Christmas

              Kids learn by following what you do. While you are getting deep into your DIY project, tell the kids to do the same. Make them create colorful Christmas Cards for their friends. They can also write stories or create other things based on what their skills are. My kids wanted to buy things for their friends this year. So I told them to break their piggy banks or come up with something creative that does not cost a lot of money. So they broke their banks.

Decorate Someone's House

                  If you are an anterior designer, decorate a neighbor's home during the holiday. Most Christmas ornaments go on sale after the holidays are over. Stock up for the next year and offer your service free of charge. Or just give away the ornaments. The Christmas tree that we have right now was a gift from a friend. So are some of the ornaments, the 10-piece nativity set,  and the center pieces.

Give Your Time

                    I don't care what anybody says, gift wrapping is a skill. Sometimes I wonder how people do it. If you are good at it and you know somebody who does not have time to do it, or don't have the skills, offer to do it for them. You can also offer to cater a Christmas dinner party for free.
                   My best friend taught me how to crochet and I thought it was the best gift ever.  A gift doesn't have to be a piece of something that you can hold. It can also be something you do right now that will have an everlasting effect on somebody. 
Nerline Germain
Nerline Germain

Nerline Germain is an auntie, sister, wife and mother. My passion for writing led me to create this little space. I mostly write beauty related articles, but this is also a lifestyle blog. My goal is to share my experiences with you. Hopefully you will learn from my mistakes:-) Contact: chicfromhair2toe@gmail.com. .


  1. Very useful tips and advice on here Nerline. I really appreciate the Christmas season for all it means; the celebration of the gift of Christ, the opportunity to express and teach/show love to others and all the beautiful Christmas Carols and décor. I really pray we are all able to take the Christmas spirit through the new year and beyond.

    Great Post.

  2. Bringing out the Martha S in you, hahahah. I love 'you cant give what you don't have'. So true. Peeps will go to all lengths to gift. It doesnt have to be expensive, the thought is what matters. Great ideas babe. Happy Monday!


  3. so true Nerline, loved this post!!

  4. Awesome ideas, I like baking cookies for my loved ones.

  5. What a beautiful post, Nerline. Love all your suggestions and second everything you said. Wishing you the merriest Xmas and the happiest holidays, sis.

  6. I agree the best gifts are thoughtful ones. To me the most precious is time, because it goes by so fast and you can't ever get it back. If someone goes out of their way to spend time with me, I love them so much for it. Super ideas! Hope you have a wonder Holiday weekend coming up Nerline!


  7. These are some really good idea. I think TV commrcialize christmas and many of us lose sight of the reason. Have a wonderful christmas!

  8. Beautiful post Nerline! I love to crochet too, haven't done it in awhile though. So thoughtful to give a handmade gift. Have a wonderful holiday lady!