3 Things I learned from Michelle Obama s Wardrobe Adviser

               Standing at 5'11'' tall is one of the first ladies of fashion, Michelle Obama. But standing behind her is the lady you rarely see, Meredith Koop. She is a 35-year-old Missouri native who has been styling the first lady since 2009. Meredith does not only understand the meaning of communicating through fashion, she also understands how adding specific details to an outfit can transform a person's overall look. While we don't know how much Mrs. O pays to have a winter wardrobe, we do know that Meredith Koop does a lot of negotiating and decision making when it comes to getting her the best deals. Below are three things I leaned from her through Michelle Obama's style during the last 8 years.

1. Height matters 

            "When they go low, we go high." I guess that does not apply to Mrs. O's heels. She always looks so comfortable in her own shoes. Her flats and kitten heels never faltered.  I am average height and I love to wear high heels, but high heels are not for everybody. They are for those of us who need at least 6 more inches.

2. Every Body is beautiful

        What looks good on me may not look good on you, but our bodies are beautiful. I don't have the well-toned arms, but I was gifted with some great assets. I may wear cardigans to hide my arms, but I make no apologies for the way I look in my jeans. Mrs. O know what her best assets are and Meredith helps her flaunt them.

3. Winter outfits don't have to be boring

               Beautiful coats are a big part of our winter wardrobes. And now that wearing a belt over your coat is so in, it would be a mistake not to invest in a beautiful winter coat, or three. Now,  this may not mean a lot to you, but I am the kind of person who used to hate wearing a coat. You know, being from the Caribbeans and all.  I thought it was too heavy and uncomfortable. And don't forget boring.  Now I know how to accessorize to make my winter outfits look less boring.
Are you a fan of the first lady's style?  How has she changed the way you think about fashion?

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  1. Cute post. I love her style and it has evolved in eight short years. Your style and mine will evolve too, except I will not look as Fabulous as her, because she looks like a model.

  2. Her fashion statements and charisma will be miss. Great things you learn doll. Have a lovely weekend

  3. Yep I am and she is an icon and I hope we'll still get to see her gorgeous fashion and herself. Happy Friday, hun.
    New update: Softly Softly

  4. Love this post!!! I'm going to truly miss the Obama family being in the white house.

  5. She has a great sense of style, I love her guardrobe!
    Kisses, Paola.

  6. Michelle Obama is such a great role model, not just fashion-wise but just on being a lovely human being. I'll miss her as the First Lady:(

  7. She is an amazing and classy lady, a very good role model, not only with her fashion sense.

  8. Yes I love her style. This young lady has styled Mrs. Obama beautifully and she has definitely made the kitten heel popular.

  9. She is always so impeccably dressed. I never knew her stylist so it's intriguing to meet the face behind the styling. She did a great job and must have been paid handsomely. Michelle will be missed so much in the WH.


  10. She is a beautiful lady who caries herself with grace.

  11. The former First Lady really put class and elegance into her fashion and she wore clothes to fit her body type and her age. That purple coat has me swooning.


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