PINCHme February 2017 VIP Box | How To Get Free Samples

              When I became a PINCHme memebr back in 2013, I had no idea they had a VIP box. Maybe they did not have it back then. Whether you call it a Blogger or Vlogger box, this box is slightly different from the regular Pinchme box that I used to receive. The purpose of the VIP box is to spread the news about the regular PINCHme box. PINCHme is a free subscription box that contains everyday products. Unlike paid subscription boxes, you get to pick the products that you want to try once or twice a month. Getting free samples from their website is very easy. They let you know in advance when the samples will be available on the site. Once you are there, fill out a questionnaire to let them know a little bit about you. Fill up your box with free samples and wait for your box to arrive in the mail. After trying a specific product, you have the option to review it on their website or buy it if you really liked it. You can also share the news about the product with your friends on social media via their website. The best part about this website is that you  don't need to be a blogger or a vlogger to signup for the regular PINCHme box.

The samples available are similar to those below

               PINCHme is one of a few sites that offers full size samples for free. What I like the most about their system is that you are not required to talk about them on all your social media platforms. A lot of companies that connect influencers with brands want you to  sacrifice your first born child give an arm and a leg after receiving free products from them, PINCHme does not work the same way.

              How often do you read reviews before buying a product? If you do any kind of online shopping, I am pretty sure the answer is very often. One of the best things about trying a product before buying it, is not having to go through all the online reviews. Being able to share your opinion with other consumers is also a good thing.  I learned about the brand SinfulColors from a regular PINCHme box that I received in 2014. I reviewed it here. Signing up with PINCHme is also a good way to discover new brands and products. If you are a beauty or lifestyle blogger, this is a good way for you to find products to review on your blog for free. 



  1. That its so awesome you got plenty of awesome products.

  2. Looks like a pretty good box of products! I love using Ponds and Olay Skincare products!

  3. That´s a pretty good box! I would have been especially happy with the essie nail polishes :)

  4. Wow, this sounds like an amazing company. Will have to check it out. Great products as well.
    New update: Wednesday Wool

  5. Fantastic, love the sound of this. Your hair is too gorgeous, love it!! Happy weekend doll xx

  6. Nice box!!!! You look so pretty!!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend, dear Nerline!!!!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  7. What an awesome box. I really like the variety of things in it. :)

  8. loved this post nerline thanks for sharing this will be definitely checking it out

  9. This is a great subscription service and I'll love to try it because I want to add a little bit of product review to my blog posts for diversity sake...:-)

    Thanks a lot for sharing Nerline. **Kisses**

  10. Awesome box, I read reviews before getting my product.

  11. This surely sound like a great thing to look into. Thanks for sharing sis. Do they do UK too? You sure got some goodies!

  12. Ooh wee, you got some really good things in your box. I've gotten a few Pinch Me boxes but it's been a while.


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