PONDS Cold Cream Cleanser & Make-up Remover REVIEW

         When I received  POND'S Cold Cream Cleanser & Make-up Remover from my PINCHme box a few months ago, I seriously thought about giving it away because the first ingredient on the list is mineral oil, and my face tends to get oily very fast. It says on the bottle that the product won't clog pores and I truly believe that, but I have had experiences with oil based products before and they were not all good. POND'S Cold Cream Cleanser & Make-up Remover was formulated for normal to sensitive skin. It promises to melt away makeup while keeping the skin clean and moisturized. This product contains 50% moisturizer to prevent skin dryness after the makeup is removed.

        Like most POND'S cream, this makeup remover and cleanser is extremely moisturizing. It immediately melted and disappeared when I applied it to my skin. The consistency of the cream is very light. The scent is not too overwhelming. The packaging is so POND'S, but I don't mind it.  Although I was not wearing a waterproof liner or mascara, my makeup came off quickly and easily. I did not have to scrub or rub really hard to get my lipstick, mascara, and eyeliner removed. My face did feel soft and clean afterwards. BUT, I cannot get over how oily my skin felt after all the makeup was removed.

Product Details
Skin Concern: basic care
Recommended Skin Type: normal
Used For: basic cleansing
For Use On: Face

How to Use

Apply gently to skin, wipe with wet washcloth, and rinse if desired.
Price: $4.99

Mineral Oil, Water/Agua, Ceresin, Beeswax, Triethanolamine, Behenic Acid, Fragrance/Fragrancia, Ceteareth 20, Cetyl Alcohol, Carbomer, DMDM Hydantoin, Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate, Methylparaben.
Allergens & Warnings:
For External use only. If product gets into eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.

        I will probably not spend money on this product in the future because it contains too much oil. I plan on using the remaining product on my body as a moisturizing cream or on my feet during my pedicure. If you have dry/sensitive skin and use makeup frequently, I am sure you will benefit from this product. It is affordable and I have noticed more pros than cons.

        Have you used this product before? 



  1. I used to use this to remove my makeup, but the scent was a little overpowering and the formula left mt skin feeling oily. I like to use the ponds moisturizing face cream.

  2. I have used other Ponds products and I'm not a fan. Loving the smiles here Sis.

  3. I've always loved this brand even though I dont use any of their products currently. Using this one on your feet would be a great use of it instead of dumping it altogether. You have have great skin though.


  4. The product looks like it works amazing on your skin doll. Very pretty

  5. We've been using Ponds products for generations!

  6. POND'S Cold Cream Cleanser & Make-up Remover.
    The product recommendation is extremely amazing!

  7. I agree, I have tried it because it's so old school and women in my family used it. I thought why not, but it was too greasy and I did not like the scent. Loved the review!


  8. I have used it before but I believe it clogged my pores. It irritated my eyes as well. I'm thinking it could have been the scent. But I've never thought to use the remainder on my body or feet! It would probably be perfect on my ankles and heels. Thank you for sharing your honest review, Nerline!

  9. Like a couple of the other commenters women in my family have been using Ponds for ages. I'm with you in that it didn't work for me. The smell and the film it leaves on your skin are turn offs.

  10. Have a great week babe!


  11. Looks really great. Though, I don't always like when there is too much oil in products as my skin feels greasy. I would use it on my feet as well : x

  12. I haven't used Pons for ages, tho. But I remember I was quite happy with it. Beautiful review, Nerline and I loooooove your smiles, sis. Happy new week, gorgeous.
    latest look: Red Strikes White

  13. I haven't used any of Ponds products before but I know it's a nice "brand" from what I have heard about it over the years. Great Review on this particular product.

  14. I'm like you, I don't like oily cleansers either. Great review though.


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