Simply Scrub Coffee and Soursop Body Scrubs REVIEW

*These product were sent to me for review purposes only. All opinions are my own*

               We can all agree that self-care is the most important part of our daily routine. If you don't take care of yourself, you will not be able to take care of somebody else. I take me-time very seriously. That's why when simply scrub contacted me about trying their body scrubs, I immediately said yes. With winter being just around the corner, I need products that can exfoliate my skin and remove dead skin. I received the Soursop and Coffee scrubs, but they also have Chocolate and Rose scrubs. Simply scrub creates 100% organic exfoliating scrubs. Their products are formulated to rejuvenate the skin while improving the body. My thought on both products are below. Keep reading to find out what I think.

Organic Ingredients: 

Coffee Beans, Coconut Oil, Dead Sea Mineral Salt, Tea Tree Oil, Brown Sugar, Jojoba Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Shea Butter, Honeycomb

              I used the Coffee Scrub while in the shower. I rubbed it on my wet skin and left it on for about 3 minutes. Then I rinsed it off with warm water. The coffee scrub smells as expected, but the scent does not linger. Getting it out of the jar was very easy. I like the fact that it is not too oily. It has just the right amount of oil. I tried it on my face once, but I will not do it again, because I have oily face. The coffee scrub is very exfoliating and very easy to rinse out. It is not as sticky as the other scrubs that I am used to. The only downside is that the scrub is a little messy. 

Organic Ingredients:

Soursop LeavesDead Sea Mineral SaltBrown SugarMint LeavesGreen TeaShea ButterCoconut OilGrape Seed OilJojoba OilVitamin E,Tea Tree Oil

            Unlike the Coffee Scrub, the Soursop Scrub is extremely oily. It is very exfoliating. It has a herbal scent. I could smell the soursop leaves and other herbs upon opening the jar. The Soursop Scrub is stickier than the Coffee. It took me a little more effort to rinse it off my skin. But once it was off, I had no trouble removing the excess herbs from the shower. I love to use this scrub to massage my feet. It is very relaxing and the scent is soothing. The scrub left my skin feeling very soft. Without adding any extra oil, my skin was glowing.  

            My overall experience with both products was very good. The packaging looks and feels nice. I think the price is okay for an all natural product. My skin felt softer after using both scrubs. Even my knees and elbows felt softer. I think the Coffee scrub is a great scrub to use in the morning. It is very energizing. If you have normal to oily skin, this product will work great for you. But I still had to use a moisturizing lotion after using the Coffee scrub. It was not moisturizing enough for my dry skin. The Soursop Scrub is definitely my favorite. I think it would work great for those with dry skin like mine. It provides the right amount of moisture for my dry skin.
Click here if you need more information about simply scrub skin products. 

Have you used anything from Simply Scrub before? 
Nerline Germain
Nerline Germain

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  1. Glad you enjoyed them Sis. They're not for me.

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    hugs, sweet sis of mine
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    1. Thanks cutie pie. It's always good to hear what you think.

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