My Giveaway Prize | Sparkle, Hustle, And Grow Subscription Box

               The saying, "It takes a village" does not only apply to raising children. It also applies to having a blog and building friendship. I have met so many amazing women since I started blogging. And my blogger friend, Dre, is one of them. We have so many things in common, it's scary. It's like watching my soul in a mirror. The reason why I am a subscription box winner is because Dre invited me to enter a giveaway sponsored by Sparkle, Hustle, and Grow on Instagram. Dre knows that I am sucker for a great book. And so far, the book is my favorite from all the items that I won. Hopefully I will have a chance to finish reading it and review it for you guys.
Now let's talk about this subscription box that I won! Hustle, Sparkle, and Grow is a subscription box for female entrepreneurs. They provide tools to keep you going and growing your business. Each box costs $39.95/month. Below are the kind of  tools and products that they ship to their monthly subscribers. Check them out!

1. Online Training: Facebook Ads to Supercharge your List Growth

2. Adventures for your Soul: 21 Ways to Transform Your Habits and Reach your Full Potential.

3. Dual Charger Keychain

4. Flint Rechargeable Lint Roller

5. Hanging Cellphone Holder

6. Dream Big Sleep Mask
7. Work hard, Play Hard Luggage Tag

8. Untie Twistable Ribbons

          These boxes are for she-bosses who are serious about their business. As you can see, my box contains mostly products for the woman on the go. Aren't these the kind of products that you would want to have when you travel? I did not expect to win when I entered the giveaway, but I am glad I did. Check out Dre's blog for self-care and beauty tips. She is also a bookworm and the BFF in my head.
Have you heard about Sparkle, Hustle, and Grow before? 



  1. Congrats. . .looks like a great gift and the products you got will be used. Enjoy. .

  2. Congrats and so many cool items for the woman on the go let me know about the book looks interesting. Have a lovely day.

  3. I've also met good people through blogging and I love it. You being one sis. Love!!
    The book looks like a good read from the title. Congrates on winning this goodies.

  4. Nerline!!!! You don't know how much you've warmed my heart to read such beautiful words! I always refer to you as my kindred spirit because we have so much in common and I admire you so much. You are my blogger sis and a good friend and I'm so glad to have met you here in this space. And I am so glad that you got in on this great giveaway and WON! I knew you would love this box and the Sparkle, Hustle, and Grow subscription service. All of the items look like great products for the boss woman on-the-go and I know you will enjoy all of them. Be sure to keep me posted on Adventures for the Soul because you know how we are about a good read. Congrats again on the giveaway and thank you so much for the kind words, love! Great post!

  5. Cool subscription box. The dual charger key chain looks glam.

  6. Congrats Nerline, everything looks wonderful

  7. Congrats Nerline, that is a great box with so many useful products!


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