Game Night Made Easy With Hormel Gatherings Supreme Party Tray + A GIVEAWAY

*This product was provided to me for free to facilitate my review. All opinions are 100% my own.*
              It's always exciting to have family and friends over for game night. But most of the time,  I don't feel like cooking a big meal for the occasion. Entertaining guests is fun, but cleaning up after the gathering is no fun at all. That's why I opted for Hormel Gatherings Tray on Thursday night. The tray is very big and it is filled with a wide variety of ready-to-eat snacks. I have heard of Hormal before, but I never knew they had a party trays that make entertaining easier. My daughter is a picky eater, but she loves their Beef Pot Roast with Potatoes and Carrots. The Hormel Party trays are great for any kind of gathering, whether it is a birthday party, a holiday, or game night. They are also great for binge watching night. They are convenient and easy to store in your refrigerator. They are available at Walmart and most grocery stores.

              I used a $15 coupon sent to me by Social Insiders to purchase a 39.7 oz.  tray. The price was $15.98. So my total was about $16 and change after tax. The Hormel Gatherings Supreme Party Tray contains Hard Salami, Genoa Salami, Pitted Olives, Colby Jack Cheese, Pepper Jack Cheese, and Round Crispy Crackers. Each food was individually packed at the time of purchase to preserve freshness, which I really liked. There were other trays that contained ham or turkey, but they were way smaller than the Supreme Party Tray. Since I was entertaining around 10 people, I went big!

          I am a sucker for cheese and crackers. So I went for these two first. The kids enjoyed the Salami, which I baked in the oven for about 10 minutes on 250 degrees. It was not necessary, but I figured it would taste better. The olives tasted terrible on their own, but added a nice flavor when eaten with the crackers and the cheese.

             Hormel Gatherings Supreme Party Tray definitely made game night easier. I did not have to do a lot of cooking before our little get-together. I also did not have to do a lot of cleaning after. This party tray is great for those of you who like to host parties for just having friends over. The size of the tray is very decent for the price. And the snacks taste very good. I will definitely buy this next year for my daughter's birthday.

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Good luck everyone! 

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  1. I had try their platters its not bad I hope the update on the olives and better cheese. Great review love your Christmas tree doll. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Lots of yummy goodies in the party tray. I can tell you all had loads of fun. Beautiful table arrangement.

  3. Such a lovely Xmas atmosphere! Great review Nerline!
    Kisses, Paola.


  4. Lots of yummy treats in the party tray. I can tell you all had loads of fun. Beautiful table display too.

  5. A tray of yummy savouries and goodies for sure. Definitely something I would have used if I was in the USA.

  6. The food on the tray looks delicious! It looks like you all had a fun time! Love the tree!

  7. Great post Nerline it was great seeing pictures with you and your family having a great time, loving this post!!

  8. so bad it is open for only us readers. would have liked to try

    The Glossychic


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