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             Long time no talk guys. But I have been around. I am glad that most of you have an Instagram page where we can communicate and see what each other have been up to. Speaking of Instagram, the people at John Frieda must have seen my posts about their hair products. They sent me a few products from their Luxurious Volume line to try and review. If you had told me told me 3 years ago that John Frieda had products that would work great on my hair texture, I would've told you that you are out of your mind. But after trying these products here, I have become a fan. And as part of the #yourhairtalksmakeastatement campaign, I created a hairstyle that speaks volume.

John Frieda Hair products

         The Luxurious Volume line was created for women with fine hair, but we can all benefit from a little more volume, depending on what we want our hair to do. I wouldn't say that I have fine hair, but I have a problem keeping my Afro up. The hair falls flat to the point where the wind can do whatever it wants with it. But with the Luxurious Volume Perfectly Full Mousse, my hair looks fuller without feeling dry or crunchy. My hair also feels softer and the mousse adds more curl definition.  And if your ends tangle easily, you can benefit from this mousse. 

John Frieda Luxurious volume  mousse for fine hair

            I only use hairspray when I absolutely have to. The reason is because some hairsprays make it hard for me to comb or brush through the hair the next day. But not with this Luxurious Forever Full Hairspray. This spray provides the hold that I need without the crunch and white residue.

John Frieda luxurious volume forever full hair spray

updo hairstyle with John Frieda Hair Products

                 I also received the dry shampoo from this line. I will probably use it and do a review or give it away. I like the results that I got with both products. The volume exceeded my expectations. It's hard to find products that work for your hair. The best thing is to know what your hair needs and how to get it. And the best way to do that is by trying different products.
Have you tried John Frieda products before?



  1. Lovely hair style the brand rocks great review

  2. Liking the hair, nice and lovely. Greetings!

  3. I love when a product does good. Sounds awesome and loving the hairstyle sis. So beautiful!!

  4. Your hair looks fantastic Nerline! I've been wanting to try John Frieda hair products. My naturally hair is frizzy,so I'm always looking for products to reduce frizz and add moisture. Great review!

  5. Great post Nerline!!! So happy for your accomplishment keep up the great work!!!

  6. Gorgeous look you created with the products Nerline. I actually do have fine hair and need volume. I would totally benefit from using this product! Hope you are have a great week babe.


  7. Your hair is healthy and can manage most products. My hair, not so much. Happy Holidays Sweetie.

  8. The Product is amazing and your hair looks very healthy and beautiful. All the pictures here are perfect.

  9. Great Product. Your hair looks healthy and beautiful and all the pictures here are just perfect.

  10. That is a great up do! That mousse looks like it made your curls pop. Love how your nails match the cans :)


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