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             The Buxom Cosmetics holiday gift collection has been unleashed. These products are not new, but they are packaged for those who want to give the gift of Buxom. They sent me a few products to kick off their wild and sexy campaign. The holiday collection contains mostly small sizes, about half the size of the full size, if you are familiar with their products. You can check out the whole collection here. I received the Lips Off Leash gift set (7 lip polishes and 8 lip creams), Plump, Bucker & Prowl gift set ( 3 small plumpline lip liners and 3 small lip creams), and all 4 shades of their limited-edition Metallic-fused lip color collection (Metalix Lip Glid). 

             Most of the pictures were taken during the snow storm. It was still snowing when I took some of them. My husband suggested that I took some pictures with the trees in the background. I figured  I could not go wrong with a white background. So I went for it! 
Boxum's products are parabens, sulfates, and phthalates free. The latter is a substance added to plastics to make them more flexible and last longer. Buxom does not test on animals. These are things you should consider when buying beauty products.  

Lips Off Leash set

Set includes:
• Mini Full-On Lip Polish (.07 oz) in: Brooke, Clair, Sophia, Jasmine, Stacy, Jill, Kayla
• Mini Full-On  Lip Cream (.07 oz) in: Pink Champagne, Peach Daiquiri, Dolly, Mudslide, Berry Bramble, Wild Orchid, Cherry Flip, Sangria 

Metalix Lip Glide

Plump, Pucker & Prowl set

               The Lips Off Leash package is my favorite because of the variety of colors. But I have tried products from the Plump, Pucker, & Prowl package that I also love. I am very curious about the Metalix Lip Glide because of the colors. The shimmery shades make them look like products I can use for the holiday or date night. I will be sharing my wild and sexy look on Instagram soon. I would like to hear your feedback on my look. 
Nerline Germain
Nerline Germain

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  1. These lippies are so pretty and would make gifts for makeup lovers! I love the snow in the background! Very creative Nerline!

  2. I want it all great brand lovely shades this makes an awesome gift doll.

  3. So great to hear from you again, Nerline:) I'm so sorry to hear about your father-in-law. Condolences to the family:(
    On a lighter note, I love that Leash set. I'm a big fan of the Buxom lip products:)

  4. Love the colors and you can send me that orange/coral color too. Happy Holidays Sis.

  5. Amazing colors! Looks like wonderful products! :)


    Linda from Beauty And Tips