The CLAW Flexible/Foldable Iphone Tripod REVIEW

            Last year in September, I bought a mini tripod because I wanted my Instagram page to look better. I wanted to be able to take other pictures than selfies. That tripod lasted me until December. It fell apart and I had to use glue to keep the pieces together. When I saw the campaign to get the CLAW Flexible iPhone Tripod at a discount, I applied right away. As bloggers, tripods are for those of us who cannot afford professional photographers. When my son is not around to help me with my pictures, I need a good tripod that I can rely on.

*This product was bought at a discount, but the opinion expressed here is my own*
Product Features and Details

           The CLAW Flexible IPhone Tripod can be used for iPhone 6, 6S, SE, 7, 8, and X. The tripod is very easy to put together. It comes with a Bluetooth remote control and USB charger. It also comes with a carrying bag. It is flexible and bendable. It is lightweight and easy to carry. The tripod's legs can be adjusted in many directions. This little gadget is well-made. There is a small screw/button in the back to secure the phone once it's placed on the tripod. I can't say much about its durability because I've only had it for a week.

Price:  $20
Where to purchase: http://amzn.to/2GekCht

           The tripod has been functioning well so far. I can wrap it around anything to get my pictures taken. I even wrapped it around a 1.5 L wine bottle once. I was surprised because my iPhone SE is pretty heavy because of the case. I have placed it on many different surfaces before and it stayed in place. I like how the legs can be adjusted to place the phone vertically. I am not sure if it's because I am not used to the remote control yet, I find it a little temperamental. It does not stay on for a long time. It automatically turns off after a few shots. But the remote does stay charged for a decent amount of time. From my bedroom to the foyer downstairs, it's 14 steps. My son was able to shoot from the front door using the remote control while the tripod was in my room. I think that's very powerful!

These pictures were taken using the tripod and its remove control. This is a nice gadget for Vloggers and bloggers like myself. It will be very helpful for our family vacation this year.

Nerline Germain
Nerline Germain

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  1. Nice one, I like that it comes along with a remote

  2. You just gave me a Great idea. I do need to start taking photos myself. Thanks a Bunch Sis.

  3. This sounds like a pretty good tripod and remote for iphone users. I've been thinking about getting a tripod for my big camera, but I haven't started looking at options yet.

  4. This would be perfect for filming!! Great post as always Nerline!! You always have the right products to share. Have an amazing weekend

  5. I love the idea of getting a tripod even for my camera. I need to get me one asap as I'm so dependent on my daughter. The pictures from your phone came out really lovely!


  6. My daughter has the Gorilla and it's similar but no remote. I'd try something like this so I don't have to ask anyone for help lol.

  7. This is a so useful especially for on the go shoots too. I picked up one of the tripods now I need a remote.

  8. This looks and sounds really good. I could use with a tripod like this for sure. Thanks for your honest review sis. You look wonderful in the photo. :-)