Here at chic from hair 2 toe , we take honesty very seriously. Our readers' trust is crucial to our success, and we would never try to deceive our readers by endorsing products we wouldn't spend our own money on, publishing paid advertisements disguised as blog posts, or engaging in any other deceptive practices to make money.
With that said, chic from hair 2 toe needs money to keep running (hosting and server costs can get pretty expensive), so,  as you can see, we do run ads on this blog. We also participate in affiliate programs. This means that we sometimes get paid a commission if you purchase a product through a link you clicked on CFH2T.
We do run “Sponsored Posts” from time to time, where an advertiser has paid for a blog post. These posts will always be clearly marked as such, and even in the case of sponsored posts, the opinions are always 100% our own.
In terms of free stuff, from time to time, companies will send us free samples of products to review on the site. Whenever a company has sent us something for free and we write about it, we always tell you we got the product for free in that blog post. Also, we never write reviews of free products we don’t like. Period. A company could send us all the free stuff in the world, and we still wouldn't write about them if we didn’t think they were worthy of CFH2T readers.
That’s what's up. If you have any questions about any of this, use the contact form to get in touch with us and we will be happy to answer them!

This policy is valid from 30 April 2013
This blog is a personal blog written and edited by Nerline Germain. For questions about this blog, please use the contact form above.
The pictures shared on chicfromhair2toe.com were taken by the creator of the website personally, provided to me by women who are featured on this website, or  they were taken from the web and were taken out of the sheer belief that they are free to the public. With that said , the photos used on chicfromhair2toe.com are believed to be in line with the rights of the U.S. copyright fair use act , title 17, U.S. code.  If you wish your photo to be removed from this website, send me an email and it will be removed immediately.
Please do not reproduce any articles from chicfromhair2toe.com  without prior written permission. The information provided on this site is compiled from a variety of sources. Whenever a source is used the source will be cited to give credit where credit is due.  Sources are also cited to give you, the reader, a point of reference.
If you believe that any content on this site infringes on your copyright, please let me know and the content in question and the infringing material will be reviewed and rewritten.
The information provided on this site is not scientifically tested or approved.  The creator does not take responsibility for damages caused by the information provided here.
Product reviews are my personal experiences. Use your own discretion when using products based on the recommendation of the creator. Most products are reviewed for free, or they were bought by me.
This blog does not contain any content which might present a conflict of interest.



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